Trend Spring/Summer 2011 - 70's Flare Jeans

One day when I was a little girl I was wearing my skinny fit, high-waisted, acid-wash Guess jeans with zippers at the ankle and my dad was showing me photos of himself from the 70's wearing high-waisted, dark-wash, bell bottom jeans and I said to him in disgust, "I will never ever wear bell bottoms."  He looked at me with a grin on his face and with father wisdom said, "I bet you will.  Fashion has a way of coming back in style, and right now it's tapered leg.  Tomorrow it will be bell bottoms."  I was young and naive and of course did not believe in his prediction. Cut to a few years later and me walking the halls of my school in vintage Levi bell bottoms. Daddy was right.  And bell bottoms have made yet another comeback.  After living in nothing but skinny jeans for the past few years, I am super excited to be wearing flares again. I was lucky enough to get a pair for free on a shoot I worked on recently. I am loving the nostalgic feeling I get with every flap of the fabric at my ankles.

Trend Tip - to keep your modern flares modern wear them either high-waisted and wide leg, or mid-rise and fitted to the knee with an exaggerated flare to the floor.   You will probably want to buy  a pair for flats and a pair for heels.  Correct length is key.