Get to Know: Aubree Phillips & Natalie Sawyer of Fringe and Lace

We recently spent some time with the lovely ladies from Fringe and Lace, a traveling boutique that brings women's clothing, jewelry and other accessories right to your house.  Aubree Phillips and Natalie Sawyer are so sweet we thought you needed to know a little more about them and what's next for Fringe and Lace.

Your First Fashion Memory:

Audree (AP) - Dressing up in costume jewelry and pink plastic Barbie little kid high heels!

Natalie (NS) - A pair of pink saddle shoes that I HAD to have in Kindergarten!  I loved them and wore them almost every day.

Your Style in Five Words or Less:

AP - Trendy, feminine, accessorized

NS - Feminine, classic, trendy and comfortable

You Can Never Have Too Many:

AP - Shoes, earrings, blue jeans, nail polishes (I have a crazy obsession with buying them in every color!)

NS - Blazers!  I am obsessed with blazers and wear them all year round.

Favorite Designers:

AP - Way too many!  But I do love Vince Camuto's shoes.  They are so affordable and beautiful.

NS - Kate Moss for Top Shop, The Row,  Rag and Bone and Alexander Wang

Favorite Hangouts:

AP - PM, Bongo Java and wherever my friends and family are.

NS - City House, Cinco De Mayo and of course my back deck with lots of friends!

You Couldn't Live Without:

AP - My Blackberry (of course), lip gloss, coffee and my camera...along with everything else stuffed in my oversized handbag.

NS - Coffee and my iPhone


AP - Cupcakes and Cashmere's blogger, Emily Schuman.  Her style is so feminine, easy, different and always adorable.

NS - My amazing family and friends who are always inspiring me and supporting me!

Best Advice You Can Give Someone Shopping Fringe & Lace:

AP - Don't be afraid to look at the price tag -- everything is less than $100!

NS - First of all host a party of your own!  Such a fun way to shop and spend time with your girlfriends.  Secondly, don't be afraid to ask us questions.  Aubree and I own almost everything we sell.  If you are wondering how something fits, message or call us and we'll let you know.

Next Up for Fringe and Lace:

AP - Visit more cities and online shopping!

NS - We are working on getting an online store up and running so customers can get their favorite Fringe and Lace items 24/7!!!

Thanks ladies!  If you would like to host your own Fringe and Lace party, contact Aubree and Natalie here.