What's in Her Bag - Joy Williams of The Civil Wars

This month we get to peak inside the bag of Joy Williams.  As one half of the incredibly talented duo The Civil Wars, Joy has been on the road non-stop since last year and just finished touring with one of the best selling artists of this year, Adele.  If you have not listened to their album, Barton Hollow, you need to.  My personal fave is the first song they ever wrote together, "Falling".  I don't know about you, but I'm super psyched to see what's in her bag.  ; )

Photo Credit: Sarah Beaty of EyerisPhotography

Here is my newly christened favorite purse, straight from one of my favorite stores in all the world: TopShop. This little leather number is soft, durable, compact, with several little compartments that are perfect for what I need to store away! It's also easy to tote around - whether it's on a bus, in the subway or on a plane - and won't leave a crick in my neck like my other huge bags have done in the past. See below for all the randomness known as the contents of my purse...

joy williams of The Civil Wars

I am a sucker for vintage jewelry. I love pairing it with something as simple as a t-shirt and jeans. I found this bracelet while on the road, in a tiny nondescript shop somewhere in Toronto. I fell in love with the dainty fleur-de-lis design, and had to have it. Thankfully, it was a steal of a deal.

Because I'm normally the only woman on tour, I hear this question a lot: "Hey, can you put this in your purse"? Exhibit A: black Sharpie pen.  The eyelash curler is John Paul's...(just kidding)...(or am I?)...

And lastly, here is my coin purse that I've had since I was a little girl. My parents got it for me, and I used to imagine the red silk that encased it came from some far off, exotic land. I looked at the tag on the inside, and it said "made in China", after all. : ) It's the little things, the small items that have sentimental value, that remind me of the people I love even when I'm on the go.

When I want a bit of a more bold look, I turn to Laura Mercier's lip stain in Scarlet. This shade of red is understated yet confident, classic but current. The beauty of this product? I can apply it once, and actually have color for several hours. Finish it off with a little Softlips lip protection, and you'll have SPF protected, pouty red lips for all to enjoy. I've been known to just pull my hair up in a tight, high bun and rock some red lips these days. Watch out world ; )

I'm a lover of the simple things. No expensive, designer shades for me yet. $10 sunglasses from Forever 21 are more my speed, because who knows what green room I may forget them in if I'm scatter brained that day. Smith's ever-classic Rosebud Salve is an all-time favorite of mine. I never leave the house without it. It gives just a hint of color, has a delicate scent, and is kissably soft. My husband, Nate, likes it as well, because it's not "gooey."

Then we have Sephora's eyeliner in black. It's a classic addition to any makeup fiend wanting a simple, cost-effective, quick way to create that cat eye should you want it. I keep it with me because many days I need to reapply it. Reason? I cry a little when I laugh, and there is no shortage of tear-inducing jokes on the road.

And what purse wouldn't be complete without some good, old fashioned Tylenol? Got a headache? Check. That time of the month? Check. Late night last night? Well, take two then...

These days, with the constant travel schedule we keep, I seem to inadvertently collect hotel lotions. I picked up this mini lotion at one of my all time favorite places to stay whenever I'm in NYC - The Cooper Square Hotel. Wanderlust, a scent made exclusively for the hotel, goes on light as a feather, but hydrates my skin all day. And the crisp, seductive scent is hand crafted by Red Flower, a wonderful bath & body line based in the city. I may or may not have asked housekeeping for a few extras last time I checked out.

And yes, I wash my hands. But I'm also one of those people that uses antibacterial gel pretty regularly if a sink and soap aren't close by. Trust me - when you've had to stop at some of the truck stops I'VE been to on the road, you'd understand why I have it handy. : )

What's the old saying? You can take the girl out of California, but you can't take the California out of the girl. Even though I've lived in Nashville over a decade now, I still have little pieces here and there that speak of my NorCal upbringing. I miss the sea, the redwoods, the great food and the chill vibe. But thankfully, I get to go back Home often, thanks to touring. The Civil Wars are actually on our 2nd West Coast tour as we speak, so I'm dodging the humidity of TN for the sweet cool of California.

And you can't forget the Emergen-C packets on the road! I take them daily to keep my immune system up and kicking. Plus, it has vitamin B - a natural energy restorer - for when our wake up call is 5am to get to the next city. Raspberry is my favorite flavor of the bunch.