Trend - Color Blocking

I must admit I was resistant of this trend when I first saw it.  Mainly because of it's vivid contradiction to my usual gray, white and black palette.  But the other day I pulled out a pair of lavender jeans I have not worn in ages and decided to try the trend. Luckily I was able to piece together a rather fun outfit using a green grandpa cardigan I have tried to throw out multiple times but thought "someday this might come in handy" and a striped shirt from Zara.  So ladies, pull out all your "purchased on a whim" whimsical pieces.  Enjoy the sunshine, if you're in a place where there is sunshine, have some fun and dress like a rainbow.

 street style

My version of color blocking.  I kind of cheated with the shirt but this was a casual look. You could replace the shirt with a bright pink top. color blocking


Photo Credits:

Olivia Wilde