Designer Spotlight: Debby Kidder of Re-Creating Juliette

This month's Designer Spotlight features a jewelry line Mizzie and I discovered when pulling items for our June Her Nashville Favorites column.  We were instantly smitten with this line of repurposed vintage necklaces.  Many of designer Debby Kidder's pieces have a steam punk twist that we are a bit obsessed with.  Her line Re-Creating Juliette can be found exclusively at our August Spotlight store, Serendipity.  Serendipity owner, Julie Lutz, happens to be Debby's sister!  So we're pretty lucky to be have this jewelry line all to ourselves in Nashville.  We asked Debby to answer a few questions for us so we could get to know her and her jewelry making process a little better. When did you first start repurposing jewelry?  I started making jewelry in January of 2006 using vintage jewelry and other found items in my designs.

Where do you find the pieces you use?  The pieces I use are found at estate sales, garage sales, flea markets and on the internet.  I've been an antiques and collectibles dealer for over 30 years and love looking for interesting items that can be repurposed or up-cycled.

Do you design with something in mind before you actually find the piece you're going to use?  Or is your design process more driven by what you've found?  My designs are usually inspired by items I find.  A vintage bracelet inspired me to make the "Little Black Dress" necklace. An antique Sterling mesh change purse made a unique necklace. A realistic rubber frog fishing lure turned into the "Ribbit" necklace. Beautiful antique buttons make unique earrings and necklace parts. Steampunk is very popular and fun to make using old watch parts, clock gears, keys and hardware.  More often than not, I find a piece and just start working with it to see what evolves.

The best advice you can give someone interested in repurposing jewelry.  My advice to anyone interested is to find items you like and they will inspire you.  I try to respect vintage items and use them in such a way that keeps them intact if possible. It is more satisfying to use a broken piece of jewelry than to take a perfectly good piece apart.

Inspirations:  Unique vintage items.  Found objects. Color.

You can never have too many:  Jewelry parts and beads.

Song that could be or is your theme song:  No song comes to mind.  I love listening to music.  Anything Bon Jovi!

Your perfect day:  My perfect day is a whole day off to stay home and relax and create jewelry.

Coffee or tea:  Coffee!

Thanks Debby!  All of Debby's pieces are one-of-a-kind and they're super affordable making them perfect gifts.  Something to keep in mind when you're working on that Holiday shopping list!  Visit Julie at Serendipity to see what new pieces she has in stock.

Serendipity is located at 2301 12th Ave South and they're open Monday - Saturday 10am-7pm.  Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

A big thank you to our photographer, Daniel C White for the photos in this post.

Get To Know: Bailey Spaulding & Robyn Virball of Jackalope Brewing Company

Nashville, there's a new microbrewery in town.  Located on 8th Ave in the Gulch, Jackalope Brewing Company is quickly becoming the new 'it' place for Friday happy hours.  We needed to know more about Bailey Spaulding (left) and Robyn Virball (right), the two rockin' ladies behind the brew.  They took a few minutes to answer some of our more pressing questions.

You can never have too many

Bailey Spaulding: Rowboats? Earrings?  Rowboats and earrings.

Robyn Virball: flip flops, cupcakes, compliments.

You couldn’t live without

BS: My airbrushed Jackalope sweatshirt that the nicest man in Gatlinburg made for me, beer, steel-toed rubber boots & water-wicking socks, maple syrup, bad jokes, good friends.

RV: People Magazine, Burts Bees chapstick, beer and wine (variety is the spice of life), Modern Family.


BS: My parents.  They live their lives with passion, care, and joy.  Also, Diane Von Furstenburg, Helena Bonham Carter, and Amy Poehler.  I’m not sure how it would work out, but when I grow up I want to be a combination of those three ladies.

RV: Fashion wise…. My niece, while only two, is pretty styling.  She boldly mixes colors, patterns and styles all while looking adorable. She can also rock a pair of binoculars as an everyday accessory like nobody’s business.   I will also have to copy Bailey and say my parents.  They’re entrepreneurs and have always been encouraging and being able to follow their example on this venture has been incredibly valuable.  They also have lived their lives in a really interesting and inspiring way and I hope I’m as adventurous as them when I’m 60.

Favorite Breweries

BS: Lawson's Finest Liquids (Robyn calls me a hipster for this's this little nanobrewery up in Vermont, I dunno, you've probably never heard of it), and I was just out in California so I'm on a Lagunitas kick right now.

RV: Ours… and Green Flash for their IPA and Dogfish Head for their innovation.

Favorite Hangouts

BS: 12th South Taproom, Fido, The Basement, Climb Nashville.  Also, I hear this new place, Jackalope, is pretty bitchin’.

RV:  Our taproom, I’m pretty much always here.  Also Bongo Java, Melrose, and my friend Sally’s house because she has a double slip’n slide and that’s pretty amazing.

Song that would be (or is) your theme song

BS: We have a ton of those, actually. One being Starship’s "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us    Now."  Then our friend Steve (not Intern Steve, another Steve) in fact wrote a theme song for Jackalope, at this year's Robbie Burns Day party (it's a Scottish tradition that we have bastardized because we love plaid and whisky.  Everyone get excited for January!).  It goes like this:

Oh, drink 'em high and drink 'em low,

to Jackalope in my kilt I go,

All the Lassies say A-LLOH!,

Oh Sh%!, where's me trousers?

I think my own theme song changes multiple times a day.  But more often than not it’s “Badlands,” by Bruce Springsteen.  His lyric ‘it ain’t no sin to be glad you’re alive,’ just about sums it up.

RV: Again echoing Bailey with, Starship’s “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” got us through last winter. As for a personal song, I don’t really have one, but I guess when times get hard during this venture The Avett Brother’s “Head Full Of Doubt” plays in my head a lot.  That or “Party in the USA.”

Your personal style in one word

BS: Jazzercize

RV: Existential

Style of beer or cocktail that best describes you

BS: Hefeweizen, 'cause I'm bananas.  Oh wow, it's true, I really couldn't live without bad jokes.

RV: A Cape Codder – classic and WASPy

Best advice you could give someone new to Jackalope

Get here early and have fun!  We have our own brews on tap as well as some regional guest brews, and while we brew literally day and night, until our big equipment is functional we tend to run out of our brews by the end of the evening.  A wonderful problem to have, but we promise everyone, we're working on it!

Next up for Jackalope

Our August rotating brew is an IPA!  Also, getting the big equipment up and running so we can be open more and start distributing. That process has been a long one and we are really excited to be nearly there.

Thanks ladies!  You can try one of their tasty brews any Friday from 4-8pm, but definitely get there early.  Jackalope fills up fast!  To read more about Bailey and Robyn and the Jackalope story, pick up the August issue of Her Nashville magazine or read it here.

Jackalope Brewing Company - 701 8th Ave South Nashville, TN


Styling & General Badassery: Ashley Sheehan & Kate Mills of Old Made Good

Photos: Jude Ferrara

Get to Know: Aubree Phillips & Natalie Sawyer of Fringe and Lace

We recently spent some time with the lovely ladies from Fringe and Lace, a traveling boutique that brings women's clothing, jewelry and other accessories right to your house.  Aubree Phillips and Natalie Sawyer are so sweet we thought you needed to know a little more about them and what's next for Fringe and Lace.

Your First Fashion Memory:

Audree (AP) - Dressing up in costume jewelry and pink plastic Barbie little kid high heels!

Natalie (NS) - A pair of pink saddle shoes that I HAD to have in Kindergarten!  I loved them and wore them almost every day.

Your Style in Five Words or Less:

AP - Trendy, feminine, accessorized

NS - Feminine, classic, trendy and comfortable

You Can Never Have Too Many:

AP - Shoes, earrings, blue jeans, nail polishes (I have a crazy obsession with buying them in every color!)

NS - Blazers!  I am obsessed with blazers and wear them all year round.

Favorite Designers:

AP - Way too many!  But I do love Vince Camuto's shoes.  They are so affordable and beautiful.

NS - Kate Moss for Top Shop, The Row,  Rag and Bone and Alexander Wang

Favorite Hangouts:

AP - PM, Bongo Java and wherever my friends and family are.

NS - City House, Cinco De Mayo and of course my back deck with lots of friends!

You Couldn't Live Without:

AP - My Blackberry (of course), lip gloss, coffee and my camera...along with everything else stuffed in my oversized handbag.

NS - Coffee and my iPhone


AP - Cupcakes and Cashmere's blogger, Emily Schuman.  Her style is so feminine, easy, different and always adorable.

NS - My amazing family and friends who are always inspiring me and supporting me!

Best Advice You Can Give Someone Shopping Fringe & Lace:

AP - Don't be afraid to look at the price tag -- everything is less than $100!

NS - First of all host a party of your own!  Such a fun way to shop and spend time with your girlfriends.  Secondly, don't be afraid to ask us questions.  Aubree and I own almost everything we sell.  If you are wondering how something fits, message or call us and we'll let you know.

Next Up for Fringe and Lace:

AP - Visit more cities and online shopping!

NS - We are working on getting an online store up and running so customers can get their favorite Fringe and Lace items 24/7!!!

Thanks ladies!  If you would like to host your own Fringe and Lace party, contact Aubree and Natalie here.

Get to Know: Designer Spotlight - Tidwell & Perryman

One of our favorite new Nashville design teams is Kevin Perryman and Luke Tidwell of Tidwell & Perryman.   Their take on vintage apparel with a modern twist has the cool factor cornered.   The line is mostly menswear, but check out the cropped plaid shirts currently residing at their shop inside Local Honey.  For those of us who endured years of Catholic schooling, don't be scared.  It's okay to embrace plaid again when it looks as rad as this.

We recently caught up with Kevin Perryman to learn more about one-half of this stellar design duo.

Your First Fashion Memory: I was on campus at Belmont University and had only known Luke for a week.  He busted out of the dorm in some bright yellow rubber pants and I was like, "yo, that dude has mad style."  I learned later that is was Luke's soccer initiation week and his teammates made him wear those pants.

Your Style in Five Words or Less: Military preppy punk mixed together.

You Couldn't Live Without: Facebook

Inspirations: Michael Gordon, founder of Bumble & Bumble, Luke Tidwell, kids' conversations on the subway, homeless people's style, Yo MTV raps, honesty, my best friend Hunter, the colors red white and blue, the Cosby Show, the East Village NYC and this blog:

Favorite Designers: Scott Sternberg's Band of Outsiders and Duckie Brown

Favorite Hangouts: "Recognize" on Tuesday nights at MAI (best party in Nashville), Tribe, Hunter's apartment, outside of a Lady Gaga concert in any city, Virago's secret spot and my bedroom.

Type of shoe or boot that best defines you: Combat boots. Every day is a battle.  I'm so deep.

Thanks Kevin!  You can find Tidwell & Perryman at Local Honey on Belmont and at Diamond Star Halo Vintage inside Fanny's House of Music in East Nashville.

Local Honey - 2009 Belmont Blvd.

Diamond Star Halo Vintage - 1101 Holly Street