New York, the IFB Conference & Fashion's Night Out

When I landed in rainy New York last week, the only song playing in my head was LCD Soundsystem's "New York I Love You, But You're Bringing Me Down." After all, it was my birthday and my best friend and I were supposed to be basking in the Flushing Meadows sun watching our favorite tennis players at the US Open.  Instead, it was a deluge from the moment I landed until late Wednesday evening. We made the best of it, however, and the day turned into a foodie paradise with lunch at Craft Bar, coffee at Eataly and dinner at Morimoto. The rest of my trip was full of fashion! The Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference on Wednesday was super informative and fun.  It was a full day of networking and panel discussions which featured an impressive roster of bloggers and fashion industry execs, like Leandra Medine from Man Repeller, Erica Chan Coffman and Lauren Kolodny from Honestly WTF, John Jannuzzi from Textbook, Ari Goldberg from StyleCaster and Mr. Mickey from PaperMag.  The highlight was definitely Joe Zee. He mentioned he'll be starting a Tumblr soon that will feature editorial images from his 20 plus years in the industry. You know it will be amazing. I can not wait.

And then there was Fashion's Night Out.  All I can say is this was insanity. I still can't believe the lines. We started at Saks which seemed like a good idea at the time. I knew I wasn't really prepared for this when we reached the cosmetics area and it was like a rave complete with DJ and glow stick bracelets. Never have I seen sales people so aggressively peddling $400 face cream. We ducked into Michael Kors and Cole Haan after that since there weren't any lines at either place yet, but inside...oy vey...Michael Kors was near chaos. We eventually made our way down to Macy's Herald Square and listened to Joss Stone perform outside. After a quick spin through the shoe department, which looked like a tornado had gone through it (it was seriously not shoppable), we plopped ourselves down at the MAC counter for some much needed makeup. No more FNO. Wine please. I think Beth and I had more fun on Friday surveying the carnage after Fashion's Night Out than actually participating in it.

I snapped a few pics along the way (via my iPhone mind you) and while I tweeted some of them, I thought I'd share them here.


This 'lady' was tweeting during the IFB Conference. Note her Missoni for Target duds. I was okay with the tweeting robot until I realized her eyes moved.  Then it got a little creepy.

I got stopped by Shanna McKinnon of Denimhunt.  Check out the other denim looks she captured on her IFB recap!

The Missoni for Target pop up shop (which was really a giant store) across from Bryant Park.  This line wrapped around the building and went for nearly three blocks! It was supposed to be open Thursday through Saturday, but they sold out of everything on Thursday. Should I mention they were only open from 6-10pm? Given the melee that was the Tuesday launch, this really isn't all that surprising.

DVF headquarters in the Meatpacking District. The theme to Whitney Port's show, The City, may have been playing in my head.

The DVF window still dressed from Fashion's Night Out.

This store is gorgeous. Plain and simple. I couldn't take photos inside, but watch this video of the All Saints Chicago store.  It looks very similar.

Christian Louboutin!  The talk inside was all about how Fashion's Night Out had cleared them out of a lot of sizes.

Jimmy Choo was still closed when we walked by on Friday and there were people inside cleaning up from the party. There were no shoes out.  What you can't see in this photo, because of the reflection, is there was one lone black pump laying on it's side on the chair.

Marc Jacobs turned this block of the Village into a carnival for Fashion's Night Out. Popcorn anyone?

Hotel Chelsea. I had to include this one.

Happy Birthday to me! Beth and I had a delicious dinner at Morimoto.

Despite the rain early in the trip, New York was fantastic.  I can't wait to go back next year so we can use those US Open tickets.  And I'll make sure I'm better prepared for Fashion's Night Out which might actually just be my Fashion's Night In.




Style Inspiration - Nicole Richie

I'm still a little in awe of the glamorous transformation of Nicole Richie's fashion.  Her days as Paris Hilton's BFF were such a turn off for me I wrote her off as a wanna-be celebrity riding on the coat tails of her last name.  But to my, and I think the industry's, surprise she has, with the help of style guru, Rachel Zoe, blossomed from a sloppy looking single to a polished, edgy, hippy chic mommy style inspiration. And I love it!!  Her fashion lines House ofHarlow and Winter Kate continue to impress, and her commitment to her family has given her a lovely glow that no amount of high beam could emulate.  Hats off to you Nicole! Or should I say very cool hats off to you Mrs. Nicole. Nicole Richie  Street style

Photo Credits

Style Inspiration - Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore is more than just a style inspiration. Not only does she inspire through her laid back rock-n-roll attire, but also in her ability to turn her life around from a crazy childhood that included drug addiction to become one of Hollywoods most respected females.  She is one of the few actors I have seen who doesn't mind taking risks with her hair color and her fashion.  From the feathers in her hair, to the bullets on her belt, the clothes she wears say "I'm a free spirit. Like me or not. What you see is what you get."  I love that about Miss Barrymore. Cheers to you Drew.

Style Inspiration - Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman has had quite a year.  Not only has she snagged every acting award an actor can snag, she also found her soul mate and baby Daddy.  She also seems to have made like a hundred movies this year.  Her style is the antithesis to her life.  Her life is busy and complex. Her style is laid back and simple.

Who: Natalie Portman

Style: Eco-friendly, Vegan Tom Boy

Stylist: Kate Young

Favorite Lines: Denimology, H & M, Rodarte

Style Inspiration - Olsen Twins

I know, I know The Olsen Twins are maybe not the "coolest" style inspiration, but I have to give those shaggy haired girls props for their successful giant leap from cheesy child stars to fabulous fashion icons. As Kelly Cutrone said at her event during Lexus Nashville Fashion Week, "Fashion is the biggest risk investment right now." With The Row and Elizabeth and James, these girls have firmly planted their fashion feet in an industry that most celebrities try but fail to make an impact.  I love the new jewelry from Elizabeth and James.  Wicked stuff you have to check out. Now, do I think they are in the tabloids too much?  Yes.  Do I think their weight and drug issues are cliche and controversial?  Yes.  But I can't help but love their oversized, layered slouchy style and that all they do is made better by their twin-ness.  I think Sharon Stone said it best as Dr. Georgia Keller on Will & Grace - "I'm gonna tell you what I told Mary-Kate and Ashley O. Together, you two pretty much balance each other out. Apart, you're just a couple of skinny little bag ladies with big sunglasses."Mary Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen, The Row

Stella Street Style: Anthropologie Shoes & Accessories Boutique

Last week, Mizzie and I were able to enjoy a sneak peek of the Anthropologie Shoes and Accessories Boutique before it opened Saturday in The Mall at Green Hills.  We have a whole separate post for you on what we found there, but to say this store is beautiful is an understatement.  Here's a quick glimpse of the store and some of the stylish people we saw at the event.

Kyah (at left) from Sleeveless looking fabulous as always.

Kari Beth (center) of Karibeth Jewelry holding a one-of-a-kind Swarm handbag.

Erin and Sierra from The Lookbook.

Heather from Her Nashville in her fab Imogene + Willie Gladys chambray shirtdress.

We had a great time and a big thanks to Anthropologie for the invite!

Hillsboro Village Shopping Trip

The other day I took my family who were visiting from out of town shopping in Hillsboro Village.  It was the perfect day for coffee at Fido followed by visits to all the lovely boutiques in the area. Nashville

How cute is this little lady we saw at Fire Finch?

Nashville shopping

This on trend shoes for spring are living at Posh right now. I might take them home to live with me.  Yes please.

Posh Nashville

Very cool Diesel jacket at Posh, there are chains under the leather.  Nice.

Pangea, Nashville boutique

How sweet is this floral dress from Pangea?

Jonathan Adler Pottery, Fire Finch

Jonathan Adler is one of my favorite pottery designers and they sell his pieces at Fire Finch.

My Mom and me at Fido....oh and my new baby Prudence. : )