Shop Like You Give A Damn: Sustainable Stocking Stuffers Part 2

Our favorite fashionable vegan, Marcia Masulla, is back this week with more fantastic sustainable stocking stuffers that you can feel great about giving or receiving. You’ve survived it this far.

And, although there was that rather awkward moment under the mistletoe, you’re almost there kid.  The New Year is upon us and we here at Stella Shops have some exciting Shop Like You Give A Damn updates for you that include Sustainable Style posts in 2012 to help keep you compassionate and chic' every week. Get ready for Sustainable Sunday! Christmas certainly came early this year, right?

Since, we’ve already given you the scoop on how to appease your family for another 365 days, now is the time to show mad mad love to the rest of your crew. Here are some cruelty-free holiday gift ideas for your besties, boyfriend, and beyond!

Does your cube-mate always treat you to coffee or giggle with you when your Anna Wintour wanna-be boss throws rank on you? Treat them to a Decomposition Book ($8) made from 100% postconsumer-waste. This recycled-paper notebook with many whimsical covers to choose from will make passing notes in class guilt-free.

A new winter bag will spark a smile upon any lucky girl’s face, and luxury handbag designer Rebecca Minkoff’s new affordable collection R & Em just happens to be 100% Vegan to boot! This collection is a Macy’s exclusive and priced from $38 - $118.

With cash still left in your wallet, show the world who you deem your BFF with this tongue-in-cheek Rebecca Minkoff Best Friends iPhone Case Duo. $68 will solidify your dynamic duo status!

Is your pal turning over a new leaf and interested in investing in a healthy diet for the impending year? Head to recently opened Parnassus Books and stock up on these delightful reads by author Isa Chandra Moskowitz:

Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World: 75 Dairy-Free Recipes for Cupcakes that Rule

Vegan Brunch

Vegan with a Vengeance: Over 150 Delicious, Cheap, Animal-Free Recipes That Rock

Perhaps, your gift recipient isn’t kitchen savvy? Trust me, I totally understand. Gulity as charged. Gift them with a week’s worth of Vegan Meal Delivery! It’s simple and easy on the budget with Nashville based My Veggie Chef. Enjoy a diverse menu of items that range from tasty Indian-Spiced Quinoa with Pine Nuts and Raisins to Vegetable Gumbo with Rice.  Five entrees that feed 2 people will set you back around $80 with options to add on a la carte items too.  Maybe they’ll share with you?

Do you devour Vogue and love your mutt too?

Fall in love with CFDA Award winning designer and animal activist John Bartlett. His collection benefits The Tiny Tim Rescue Fund, a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization that was started to honor the memory of his three-legged pit bull rescue named Tiny Tim. The organization is dedicated to raising and distributing funds for dog rescue groups who pull animals directly from high-kill shelters thereby saving the lives of countless innocent dogs. The money raised by the Tiny Tim Rescue Fund goes to providing these dogs with proper medical attention, foster parents and, eventually, a loving, forever home. Fashion with a purpose never looked so good.

Women's Pullover $45; Men's Pullover $65; Kids Tee $25; Totes $25

Scoop up a pair of tickets to the 2nd Annual Nashville Humane Association’s Unleashed and you’ll be the Queen of the Secret Santas! Unleashed is a snazzy and fun dinner and fashion show with your dog that will feature local fashion and jewelry designers who have created custom “canine couture” pieces for the runway. NHA pets of all shapes and sizes are up for adoption and will be strutting their stuff down the runway with local celebrity pet lovers. General tickets are $80. Catwalk Tickets are available for $150.

Treat your dearest friend (or yourself… let’s keep it real here) to some vegan kicks from the current Olsenhaus collection that will keep everyone on their toes on how fabulous leather and suede can really be! The faux suede Charm ($125) and the Camp closed toe mule ($240) will keep the Baroque and Rocker trends afloat while the flamboyant Tokyo ($250) made from recycled faux-suede and the sparkle of the Legacy will infuse impact to any look.

The handsome fella in your life will look smashing in his very own Otis James necktie or bowtie ($110) where every detail is hand finished, from the stamps and painting on the labels to the buttonholes and slipstitches on each tie.  You can purchase from the website, Imogene & Willie, Old Made Good, or even custom design your very own!

Revered celeb stylist Estee Stanley’s capsule collection for Genetic Denim is inspired by the Kill Bill flicks and spike adorned The Bride Dress ($297) is perfect for any kick-ass female in your life. Check out those spikes!

That’s all now folks! Please continue to keep shopping like you give a damn. Your consumer dollars are your voice.  I wish you a very Happy Holidays and look forward to ringing in the New Year with you all.








Photo by Ashley Hylbert

Shop Like You Give A Damn - Sustainable Stocking Stuffers Part 1

Now that you're in the throws of your holiday shopping, how about some sustainable purchases you can feel good about?  Our favorite resident vegan, Marcia Masulla, has given us some fantastic options to choose from and this is only part one!

What broad doesn’t look forward to a stuffed stocking? 

Thought that would catch your attention… Sometimes a rollicking statement like the above will jolt you into the holiday spirit if spiked vegan eggnog just isn’t getting the job done. Holidays are usually a flurry of activity ranging from licking your wounds from Black Friday or sledding through inclement weather, to bonding with crazy Aunt Gertrude over figgy pudding or nursing hangovers from assorted holiday soirees. Good times, right? The most joyous time of the year can even have Stella shopped out. (She's not kidding! We're exhausted.)

As your resident “Sustainable Style Expert” (self-appointed thank you very much), I’m here to show you how simple it is to shop responsibly this holiday season with splendid cruelty-free, sustainably sourced and just all around rad gifts for your special tribe!

Does your pops clean up nicely? Introduce him to the Mitch by Paul Mitchell collection of products. Feel good about your purchase because  Paul Mitchell has supported efforts to end animal testing for many years. In 1989, it became the first hair-care company to publicly oppose animal testing when it signed PETA's statement of assurance, pledging never to test its products on animals. May I suggest the Double Hitter ($19) - a 2-In-1 Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner and Barber’s Hold Pomade ($20)? You may find these products at local businesses that carry the Paul Mitchell line too!


Your favorite snow-bunny in your family will feel good in her own skin when she goes fur-free with Jellypop Shoes' adorable synthetic Amil boot ($99). This style will carry her through the winter season by pairing it with nobby tights and short hemlines to showcase your gams or skinny jeans for a casual weekend look.

Sweating bullets on what to snatch up for your snarky siblings? You’ll have no regrets with Glamour Kills. This opinionated clothing company’s flying pig mascot will turn any scowl upside down with prices that will allow you to have some funds left over to get snockered too!  These adorable pillowcases ($19.99) are the perfect accent for dreamland and flying pig wall clock ($29.99) may even make granny a fan too!

Being the matriach of your family can take it’s toll on mommy dearest, so show her some mad love by treating her to some services at Studio Green Organic Salon located in East Nashville.  They just celebrated their first year in business! This vegan salon offers the highest quality, certified organic, and eco-friendly products. She’ll love a manicure ($25) or an express facial ($40) but ensure her holiday happiness with a 60-minute deep tissue massage ($80).


There’s still time to support and bid adieu to local rabbit hole Two Elle before owner Rachel Lowe moves on to her next whimsical adventure. One of my favorite brands that is currently in stock is the honorable FEED accessories collection which includes scarves ($48) and bags ($40-$58). Since being conceived by Lauren Bush in 2005, FEED has donated over $6 million dollars and 60 million meals throughout the world. If that isn’t giving like you give a damn, I don’t know what is folks.

The organic tees and denim from Loomstate always make great gifts year round so why not pick up the classic Havanna Jacket ($180) that is made from 100% Organic Cotton? He’ll appreciate the versatile Ocean Blue tone and removable hood that will make this a staple in his closet. Perhaps you may stay on point and drape yourself with the Native-inspired design of the Doba Poncho ($330)? Whether you flaunt it over the shoulders, throw one side over the other, or belt it. You’ll stay cozy and chic while you finish your season’s greetings!

Stay tuned for more sustainable holiday survival guide info in the coming weeks!









Photo by Ashley Hylbert

Shop Like You Give A Damn: A Fashionably Vegan Blog with PETA's Amanda Fortino

Our favorite fashionable vegan, Marcia Masulla, is back and this month she's introducing us to a person who has been one of her biggest inspirations.

Merriam –Webster’s definition of the word inspiration is:  "A divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify him or her to receive and communicate sacred revelation."

Pretty profound, eh? Although, I believe myself to be extremely liberal and progressive, I can also be a creature of habit and have known to be stubborn at times.  I’m sure that a few of my exes would be elated to divulge…

With that being said, I was inspired a few years ago to take the plunge into my vegan lifestyle which also led to a career as a campaigner for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.  I can’t even put into words what a journey I experienced during my time with PETA.

One of my biggest inspirations to this day is Amanda Fortino, who is still a crusader at PETA. Besides fighting for animal rights or sharing the same insane sense of humor and sharp tongue, we both love spreading the word on how simple it can really be to commit to being fashionably responsible.  As if you didn’t know already, this broad is one of my heroes and here’s the interview to prove why.

Let’s start this out by being straightforward, shall we Fortino? Why did you choose to be vegan?

Amanda Fortino: I never felt right eating animals.  For a while I did it, because that is what I was told to do in order to be healthy, but it never felt right.  After first coming across tofurkey, I realized, to my delight, I wasn't the only one who didn't want to eat meat.  In my small Northern Michigan town being a vegetarian was as rare as being an alien from Mars, but it was what felt right to me.  After many years of being vegetarian I read Skinny Bitch from cover to cover in one sitting.  I couldn't put it down!  All the while I cried, laughed, cursed, and was instantly vegan.  I was so inspired I applied for a position at PETA and that was almost three years ago. Today I am a loud, proud vegan and work in fundraising for the biggest animal rights organization in the world.

You are lucky enough to call Los Angeles your home now. By the way, say hi to Fred Segal for me.  Ahem, let me get back on track… what are your three favorite places to shop in LA that offer sustainable or vegan apparel and accessories?

AF: (1) Alternative Outfitters in Pasadena is a boutique with all vegan items!  You can find the hottest faux leather jackets, heels, boots, purses, wallets, belts, and the list goes on.  And it's not only for women. Alternative outfitters sells fantastic items for the always sexy, cruelty free man.

Steve Madden faux patent Mary Janes - $45


(2) I always like hitting up Main Street in Santa Monica.  There are so many shops that sell cruelty free purses, shoes, accessories, and beauty products.  I can't even walk my dogs down Main Street without finding a cute vegan purse I just have to buy!  In fact, I bought all of my holiday shopping for my vegan sister, right on Main Street.  Of course, I managed to get a few things for myself.

Maddie Dress at Dame - $59


(3) If you you really want to splurge vegan style, you must treat yourself to a stroll through Stella McCartney's store on Beverly Blvd.  'Nuff said.

Stella McCartney Evergreen Hexagon Print Donna Top - $715


Seriously, those damn McCartney’s can do no wrong! Meat Free Monday y’all.  On another note, can I tell you how jealous I am of your hair? It’s ALWAYS shiny and on point.  Rather annoying actually. Let’s talk beauty products. What are the three top vegan products you can’t live without?

AF: (1) Onestà’s natural, plant-based formulas are free of parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, propylene glycol, DEA, TEA, colors, dyes, animal testing, and animal ingredients.

Onesta shampoos and conditioners $15 - $20

(2) ZuZu Luxe cosmetics line blends soothing, clean, all natural ingredients, such as spring water, herbs and vitamins as well as rare and exotic essential oils.

ZuZu Luxe black mascara - $13.59


(3) This lotion repairs skin damage from environmental stressors while it smoothes and softens skin without a greasy residue.

Desert Essence Hand and Body Lotion in Spicy Vanilla Chai - $8.99

Miss Fortino, thanks for all the insight and for making the good fight look so smashing. I along with the animal kingdom salute you!

X to the O,











Shop Like You Give A Damn - A Fashionably Vegan Blog: End of Summer Obsessions

Our favorite fashionable vegan, Marcia Masulla, is back in action this month and she's got a bevy of new cruelty-free apparel, accessories and beauty items for us.  End of Summer Obsessions

I get it Katy Perry...I’m A Firework who wanted to hang out with all of the California Girls on Last Friday Night.  Smooth, eh ?  I couldn’t help myself.   And while I'm working to get these Summer anthems out of my head, I am welcoming the abundance of these cruelty-free crushes with open arms.

I have literally spent hours at a time on this natural and organic emporium that offers up all kinds of green goodness! It’s a breeze to shop responsibly with symbols that are assigned to all products on the site to ensure they are not tested on animals and made from natural materials!

Beautorium introduced me to Juice Beauty’s Blemish Clearing Serum ($29). This little wonder has made a noticeable difference with helping even out my skin tone and texture. Because who wants to cake on makeup in this heat? Not me!

The Wayyuu Foundation

Pops of vivid color have truly been the essence of this balmy Summer, so why not order up one of these show-stopping satchels from The Wayyuu Foundation.

The hues in this style ($160) that include an orange background with green, yellow, and fuchsia design literally brighten my day. Not your favorite color combination? All good, because the whole rainbow is represented on this site that benefits indigenous Latin-American communities.


Supermodel and super do-gooder, Liya Kebede, founded Lemlem in 2007 as a way to inspire economic independence in her native country, Ethiopia, to preserve the art of weaving. This handcrafted collection of women’s apparel has me swooning. This Afar Two-Way Dress ($213) is perfect for Sunday brunch with the girls!


Eco by Moda Eyewear

Your sunnies can help preserve the sun and Mother Earth too with the Eco by Moda Eyewear collection. Trees are essential to the environment. They clean our air, filter our water systems, provide a habitat for half of the world's wildlife, and much more. Modo Retail plants a tree for every frame sold which is a valid reason to purchase the handmade Aria ($275) for a little flash and sass. I also agree with the matte tortoise finish and gold accents of the classy Donahue ($250) too!




Amanda Pearl

It’s no secret that I love cork, especially when it is slathered with a tasty grape flavor, so I was beyond excited when I came across designer Amanda Pearl’s charming Tess clutch ($198). This versatile beauty will literally go with EVERTHING in your closet! Craving a little kicky pizzazz?  The Jeanne ($498) offers it up with gold-flecked cork and a detachable textured gold chain strap with detachable pom-pom charm.  It girls Chloë Sevigny, Blake Lively, and Emma Stone all flaunt this Greenwich Village based collection. You’re in good company!

Lovely People

Lovely People’s synthetic stunner Mariel is a platform pump ($99) with a skyscraper stiletto heel that is balanced by a chunky platform to prevent spills while you’re getting into mischief! This gorgeous shoe is available in three shades that include classics black and taupe and a curve ball hue of purple!


Afterglow Cosmetics

Afterglow Cosmetics poses a rather smart question: The average woman ingests up to four pounds of lipstick and gloss over a lifetime. With that in mind, don’t you want yours to be made with all natural, organic ingredients? Well, when you put it that way…. stocking up on Organic Lip Love Lipstick is a must! Over 19 delicious shades ($24) are available that include the vibrant yet matte, Tango, for those sultry smooches, or their signature shade, Afterglow, that boasts a sheer shimmering wash of nude peach. Pucker up baby!





Let’s chat soon about Fall but until then… I must enjoy every last drop of this spectacular Summer!

X to the O,



Shop Like You Give A Damn - A Fashionably Vegan Blog: Sustainable Summer Picks

Our favorite vegan fashion guru, Marcia Masulla, is back and she's keeping us stylish and sustainable this Summer. It’s been a hot minute since my last post. Chico ate my homework in March and Bellini did in April.  To make it up to you, I have jam-packed this post with spectacular cruelty-free picks that will keep you sizzlin’ this season.

Neuaura Animal Friendly Footwear

This chic and affordable collection was founded out of concern for the welfare of the animals and the environment, as well as love for fashion.  Each season, two charities are selected to receive 10% of the proceeds from on-line sales too!

With vivid hues and color-blocking all the rage, the t-strap Nashira ($104) nails the look in an animal-friendly way.

Who can resist the neutral platform faux-snakeskin glory of the Vega ($130) that can transition you from a day look of high-waisted denim, to a snazzy cocktail hour in your favorite LBD.

Sprout is a “Greener Watch for Greener Times.” It is available in fun candy colors and made from biodegradable corn resin materials, mineral crystal lenses and mercury free batteries. At around $65, you can start with the crisp white and afford to add splashier styles to your collection. May I suggest the raspberry, orange, or purple shades?

I love nothing more than throwing on comfy sundresses to get me through the sticky days that are in our near future. No need to spend a ton for these interchangeable frocks that can look fantastic layered with a sleeveless faded denim vest or with feminine costume jewelry. Urban Outfitter’s Sparkle & Fade Dancer Dress ($49) fits the bill and who can say no to that kicky little skirt?

Smitten with splurging? Yea, me too. What’s better than treating yourself to some Stella McCartney?

Although, I normally don’t reach for subtle pieces, the Eco Cotton Tie & Dye Big Chain Shopper ($1435) seduced me with tie dye effects on eco cotton fabric. This gorgeous bag is unexpectedly easy yet refined.

Each season has a comeback kid and the clunky clog is baaaack! I literally gasped when I first laid eyes on the Leda Castillo Clog Sandal ($395). The object of my obsession includes a denim finish fabric, grosgrain ribbon closure, and a rich wooden heel.

Running around Nashville with my laptop, files and pretty much the kitchen sink on a daily basis means I need a stylish bag to keep it all together. Stella’s classic Pembridge Tote ($1085) has me wondering Vuitton who?

This adorable cotton skirt in mustard from Quail ($153) will coast you through the sweltering humid days of Summer with a little sass! Throw on some wedges, espadrilles, or even sneakers and you’ll never have the same look twice!

Reveal uses recycled materials whenever possible and their new materials come from non-polluting, renewable resources. For every item sold, this sustainable company plants a tree through their Reveal Replant partnership with American Forests.

Does your iPad need a makeover? Choose from one of many styles of functioning accessories that include the sophisticated and cruelty-free Erinn iPad Purse ($118) and bold Cici iPad Cross Body Purse ($78). Trend and tech never looked so good!

I have been following socially responsible brand, Suno, since their 2008 inception due to their promotion of fair trade and focus on showcasing worldly prints from faraway lands.

This cotton Baggy V-neck Onesie ($575) is made with love in Kenya and exemplifies casual elegance. Not ready to commit to a bold allover print? Slip on the Ivory Obscure Petal Bangle ($74) to infuse some pop into your wardrobe instead.

X to the O!


Shop Like You Give A Damn - A Fashionably Vegan Blog: Times They Are a Changin'

This month our vegan fashion maven, Marcia Masulla, shares another fabulous cruelty-free company with us.  Wait until you see these shoes!  There's at least one pair in my very near future.   Marcia proves once again that being vegan doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your sense of style. Did the snowy slush lose its luster awhile back for you too?

O-V-E-R it.

Mother Nature is just another moody broad so by now, most of us fail to be shocked by school closings due to ice one week and sun-kissed walks at Shelby Bottoms the next.  On March 13, daylight savings time will help us spring forward with a bit of momentum so that we may shed the layers of heavy fabrics and all that pent up energy too!

Here is my splendid sustainable style flavor of the month that will surely have you motivated to truly make an impact with your choices.

WARNING: It is very probable you will be overwhelmed with giddy excitement! Just sayin’.

How about ordering up some Cri De Coeur with a side of SALE items?

Parsons New School of Design alumni Gina Ferraraccio and Julie Dicterow joined forces to form Cri De Coeur (French expression that translates literally to “cry from the heart”) a completely animal free company that is committed to educating people about a vegan lifestyle.  This affirmation in the brand’s mission statement couldn’t make a better point:

“There is a shift in attitude about how we define 'style', with a growing awareness in the increase of pollution, deforestation, global warming, and resource depletion that is rapidly destroying the planet. The simplest way to help reverse these devastating statistics is by adopting a vegan lifestyle.”

The sexy Lorena is comprised of faux suede and studs which offer up visual interest without the cruelty! Originally priced at $280, move fast and you can scoop them up for $140. These vampy little kicks can take you from a luxe dinner to a late night of flirting with the band…

The Spring collection for Hearts of Darkness include the Shag Fringe Slouch Boot which is available in 3 gorgeous shades: umber, eggshell, and classic black too!

These are made to look already broken-in with soft faux suede and vegan leather upper.  At a very affordable $155, even Nancy Sinatra would be proud.

Classic round toes mean your tootsies won’t be in a pinch in this high contrast version that will always get you noticed… and who doesn’t like to be noticed? There is no excuse to pass on these especially with a 50% off price tag!  Original price: $310 and priced to move at $150.

X to the O! Marcia