Trend – Dressing for snow.

I am not someone that can bear to wear tights in the winter, unless of course they are under a pair of wool socks and covered by a pair of jeans that are covered by a pair of cozy boots. You would think that being half English I would have inherited some of that English blood that allows girls to walk around in the dead of winter in a bomber jacket and short skirt, but no not me. The minute I get hit with even the slightest bit of cold air my body shuts down and I layer up. Is anyone else kind of over the whole winter wonderland thing?  I love looking at snow, but living in snow, especially in a place that is not used to it, is kind of, well, annoying.  The other annoying thing that comes with the snow is how to dress for the weather if you are not planning on making snow angels or have a snow ball fight. Here are a few tips I have learned from my time spent in London.  Wear leggings.  I love leggings in the cold weather, but they are not really warm enough on their own, so I give them a little boost by layering them with a pair of wool thermals. I find that I still feel feminine and fashionable but also warm and comfortable.  If you are not a leggings person then try a pair of skinny jeans. The best way to keep legs warm is to pair leggings with over the knee boots.  This look has been my uniform the past month and I still love it and I usually get compliments from strangers when I wear it. I always make sure my winter clothes are made of the warmest materials.  I learned early on living in London that cotton and synthetics just don't cut it when it comes to surviving walking in the wet cold weather of the city .  So always look for wool blends.  I promise you will almost look forward to going outside if you feel your clothing is winter ready.

Here are a few of my fav looks for cold weather and/or snow.  Brrrrrr.