What's in Her Bag - Singer Songwriter Chanel Campbell

This months What's in the Bag post is by the beautiful and talented Chanel Campbell.  Chanel is an up and coming country music artist with a single that goes to radio in the spring, a full length album she has just finished and she will be on GAC / CMT all this month and next month as a part of the Waylon Jennings documentary and project she is a part of.  I love running into Chanel, not only to catch up with her, but to see what amazing outfit she is wearing.  I've never seen her in anything less than fabulous!

What's in the Bag Chanel Campbell

I got this classic Chanel bag for my 20th birthday.

My parents weren't sure what to get me so instead of guessing my mum gave me her credit card and told me I could buy one thing. Excited, I headed out to the Bal Harbor shops in Miami where we were on holiday and went straight to the Chanel store!  I'm pretty sure my mum wasn't expecting such a purchase, but hey!  If you give a girl like me a credit card and no budget you really shouldn't be too surprised!  Haha, but really she approved and has since tried to steal it many times :)  I pretty much have carried it everyday for the past 4 years and am still completely in love with her (yes her) like she's brand new.  It doesn't hurt that the logo happens to be my initials either :) I have the following things along for the ride: 1. My  Louis Vuitton monogram multicolore wallet that my boyfriend (now fiancé) bought me for our second anniversary.  It's adorable, just like the man who bought it. It's filled with receipts, business cards and coins at the moment. I hate coins! 2. La Mer lip balm ... I have extremely dry lips and this balm has literally changed my life. 3. My iPhone 4.  I'm addicted, but still not sure how i feel about face time ... Who wants to be available for video chatting 24/7?  Scary. 4. Sephora compact mirror which I got with a gift card from a friend.  Really one of the best gifts because I've always wanted the mirror but didn't want to buy a gift card to get it. 5. Check book. I love writing checks, it feels so official and old world.  Plus it gives the illusion I'm not actually spending  money...  Until reality hits and the money vanishes a few days later.  Bummer. 6. I never leave the house without my favorite Creed scent in this beautiful leather atomizer (that was a gift) and signed by Mr. Creed himself.  It's 1.7 ounces, so it's perfect for traveling. 7. My Tom Ford Alessandra sunglasses.  They are almost always glued to my face.  Not only are they perfect for keeping out the sun, they hide my makeup less face!  When I'm not working, I like to let my face breath, but that doesn't mean I want everyone to see my dark circles! 8. YSL lip gloss in 'pure petal' #48.  It's texture is amazing and the scent is so yummy you'll want to eat it. 9. Ambien:  It was left in my purse from my last trip ... I can't ever sleep on planes, so this is my secret weapon to luxury air time. If you're knocked out you won't know how uncomfortable you really are right?  Ha 10. Last but not least... My iPad.  This is really pushing it since my purse isn't that big, but lately I've been taking it everywhere.  I don't feel right leaving it at home!  So if you see my poor bag bulging that's why! The thing I love most about this bag is that it will never go out of style.  It's timeless!  I can dress it up or down.  Plus the size has really helped me keep things organized.  It's too compact to let it get to messy.  Another great thing is if a seam comes lose or a strap breaks just take it into your nearest Chanel store and they will fix it for you free of charge! Chanel CampbellThanks Chanel!!!!!