Shop Like You Give a Damn - A Fashionably Vegan Blog: Commit to Cruelty-Free

This month our favorite vegan fashionista, Marcia Masulla, shares a few of her favorite cruelty-free products with us and shows us you don't have to sacrifice style for sustainability. Each year comes and goes with many of us motivated to put our best foot forward, yet good intentions don’t always make it to Spring.  I am certainly not pointing any fingers as my bass guitar is still collecting dust, the 401k is waiting for a consistent commitment, and that pair of Stella McCartney high-waisted jeans aren’t quite ready for a night out on the town… 3 more pounds to go. (Side note...since writing this, Marcia has worn those Stella jeans!)

Oh guilt, your weight can be quite the burden, but I have been feeling tremendously airy since January of 2009.  After doing a significant amount of research that included watching documentaries, reading books and literature, and visiting several trusted websites, I decided to take the first step to become a vegetarian.  I enjoyed my new commitment to not supporting animal cruelty, better health for myself, and helping ensure that I do my part in sustaining the planet.  A year later, the choice to live a vegan lifestyle was only natural.  Goodbye animal derived clothing, food, and products!  Did you know that just by adopting a vegetarian diet, you can spare the lives of over 50 animals each year.  That adds up to thousands during a lifetime!  Visit Mercy for Animals to read more about the benefits of moving toward a vegetarian or vegan diet.

This month, I wanted to share some of my favorite cruelty-free products that you can introduce into your fresh new start.  Money talks and if you can support brands and products that are fashionable and compassionate… well…why the hell not?

Remember to look for the “bunny” and cruelty free wording on all beauty products and opt for fabrics that are organic or made from man-made materials.

Fantastic Plastic!

Black Swans frolicking in ballerina flights are all the rage and this new collaboration between my beloved Moschino and design company Kartell.  Comprised entirely from interwoven plastic, the lightweight BowWow shoes ($125) come presented with the iconic Moschino bow in a full range of colors.  As an added bonus, these dainty gems are 100% recyclable!

Are you doing the 3 R’s with your current skincare regimen?  After turning 30 in  August, the importance of replenishing, restoring, and repairing my skin has moved to the front of the line.  My recent visit to Lucy Pop Salon introduced me to the line Osmosis Pur Medical Skin Care which is cruelty free, paraben free, artificial fragrance, color and additive free.  I am very fond of the Purify Exfoliating Cleanser ($21) - gentle yet effective!

There is nothing better than a cuddly yet stylish sweatshirt to get you through these dismal chilly days.  NYC based vegan brand Vaute Couture has brought back the coveted Friends Not Fashion Sweatshirt ($64)!

You may choose from 4 oversized whimsical designs that feature elephants, chicks, sheep, and bunnies of course.  Be swift as the first run of these designs sold out in less than a week!

My coarse dark hair is always thirsty for a little shine and Benniefactor has created quite the concoction with B Excellent Shine Mist & Concentrate ($18).  I purchased this magnificent magic potion at Rodney Mitchell Salon.

Not only does it prevent the frizzies, it also helps my hair dry faster and helps create texture in my locks.  You have to love a company who proudly prints on their packaging: “We neither conduct not endorse product testing on animals.”

A dame can never have enough flirty frocks in her closet.  The metallic blue crepe and black lace It Girl dress by designer Yoana Baraschi will work its way into your wardrobe’s heavy rotation.  All synthetic materials make this a compassionate chic’ choice.  It is originally priced at $319, but you may score big with a sale price of $199 if you bolt to the site now.  Major savings on many of Yoana’s snazzy pieces!

Let me know what you fall in love with and if you have any suggestions of your own!

X to the O!


*photo courtesy of Claudia Kay Photo.