What's in Her Bag - Style Blogger Zarna Surti

This month's What's in Her Bag post features Style Blogger, Zarna Surti of Zarna's Runway.  Zarna's no stranger to Stella Shops.  She contributed a post on the Baroque 'n' Roll trend this past Fall.  She has amazing style and has been featured on MTV Style, Stylecaster, Solestruck and Style Pantry...just to name a few sites who love her look as much as we do.  And now she's a Top 5 finalist for Refinery 29's Next Big Style Blogger Contest!! When she's not out shooting gorgeous photos for her blog, you may find her in the studio working on her music or working on her posts for Vogue India where she recently became one of their featured bloggers!  Mizzie and I knew her bag would be fantastic, so we had to know what she keeps inside.

This nude Coach satchel was a gift from my brother on Bhai Bij, which is an Indian holiday that signifies the duty of a brother to protect his sister.  It’s a fun holiday where we have a small ceremony and then eat a big meal!  I love how versatile this bag is because it goes with almost everything and I can fit so much in it!

1. Life must-haves: i-Phone and Ray-bans. The most important item in my purse is my i-Phone, we have a very serious relationship that includes checking mail, twitter, facebook, and the weather (each one about 20298304 times a day!).  Recently I’ve decided to forgo a traditional wallet and instead I use this nifty i-Phone case.  It holds my credit cards and license, which is just perfect!  On a night out I just grab my phone and go!  I’m also an avid sunglass wearer and love all things Ray-Ban, these aviators are my current favorites.

2.  Blogging must-haves: Camera & Business Cards. Although I couldn’t include this in the larger photo because I was using it, I always carry around my camera.  It’s a Nikon D60 and I’m currently using a Nikkor 35mm f/1.8 lense.  Every good blogger knows that you must carry around your camera and business card at all times!

(I never wanted to be one of those people who take their photo in a mirror, but I guess I’m now part of the club! Myspace here I come!)

3. Musician must-haves: Notebook/Pen and Earphones.  I always keep a pen and paper handy for when I think of lyrics or song ideas.  I quickly learned thinking I was going to remember ideas never really worked!  Inspiration books are also important to me and recently I’ve been very into Scott Schuman’s book, The Sartorialist. (I also love his blog!).  Additionally, I like to carry around my earphones to listen to the music on my i-Phone.

4. Beauty must-haves: Hand Lotion, Perfume, and Lip Products.  My cousin introduced me to this great hand lotion by Crabtree & Evelyn and it’s in this fabulous scent called “Citron”.  Ever since I bought it I’ve been obsessed!  For makeup I pretty much only wear MAC, if you look into my makeup drawer it’s full of MAC eye shadows, liners, lip products, and face makeup!  I’m currently loving this MAC lipstick called “Speak Louder” which I wear with “Soar” lip liner, and “Baby Sparks” gloss.  I also always carry around my signature perfume, Daisy by Marc Jacobs!

Thanks Zarna!

Zarna is working on a video challenge for the next phase of the Refinery 29 Style Blogger Contest.  We'll let you know when it posts.  Visit the contest site often though and VOTE for Zarna!!