Get To Know: Honey & Marrow

Photo by Kelli Dirks

A few months ago, we got a message from our friend and stylist Katherine Mez, who is also the Store Manager at Ivey, about a new jewelry line we had to see called Honey & Marrow. It's sold exclusively at Ivey in Edgehill Village and online at Husband and wife team, Danny and Kelly Magnino are the designers behind this beautiful line of necklaces and wallets using vintage finds. Every piece is handcrafted and one-of-a-kind. If you're still shopping for the holidays, Honey and Marrow pieces make perfect gifts and they have some great pieces for guys too! This talented couple took some time out of their busy schedule to answer a few questions for us.

Where did the name Honey & Marrow come from?

We wanted to represent the business from both perspectives, from myself and Danny. Since it's a husband and wife team, we wanted to choose words that described both a feminine and masculine viewpoint. Honey, obviously means sweet, and Marrow means, core, center, strong.

Where do you find the pieces you use?

We typically do our best at flea markets and antique stores. We have fallen in love with the Nashville Flea Market, so that's where we have the best luck.

You have some pretty unique names for your necklaces.  How do you decide on a name?

It's funny, because there's really no method to the madness. It's basically a brainstorming session for every piece. We find something that is unique to the piece, whether that's where the piece originated, any writing that's on the item, what it represents...or the first saying or phrase that comes to mind. i.e. - The horseshoe pieces, horseshoes represent luck, so we call it "Stay Lucky"; "Artifact" has a busted old pocket knife and an old rusty flat key...

Stay Lucky, $65

Artifact, $45

You can never have too many

Skeleton keys, records, shoes. You couldn't live without

Each other (obviously!), our pup Joaquin Phoenix, supportive family, encouraging friends, Jesus, good food, even better coffee, art and design, music, the list could go on and on...=) Song that can be or is your theme song

The sound of crunching leaves..that's about good as any song can get! Best holiday memory (since it's the holidays!)

Well, three Thanksgivings ago, Danny and I went to visit my family in Birmingham. He secretly asked for my parent's blessing to propose, and one thing led to another, and the entire family was toasting to our future marriage with a 20 year old bottle of Dom Perignon. It was totally unexpected or planned, but my parents were just so excited they spoiled the surprise and told me! I did, however, let Danny properly propose a few weeks later surrounding our friends, and yes, that was even a surprise too!

Tough As Nails, $50

Favorite hangouts

Crema, the dog park, front porches, the Nashville flea market Inspirations

Anything old with a good story behind it, friends who live out their dreams, family who stays strong in times of hardship, vinyl, the hardware store, coffee culture.

The Russell Wallet - Black w/Red Stitching, $25

What's next for Honey & Marrow?

We're hoping to find new ways to share and display what we are discovering; basically we are so excited to share a lot more pieces with a lot more people!

Windsong, $50

Thanks Kelly and Danny! Purchase their pieces online at and in store exclusively at Ivey in Edgehill Village. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter too.