Shop Like You Give a Damn: New York Fashion Week Top 5 Vegan Looks

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Lela Rose

Can Vegans be stylish?

I had a nice chitty chat chat with a near and dear friend the other day who also bore the scars from the grueling student and nightlife lifestyle we shared in NYC several years back (and no, I won’t tell you exactly how many….)

She was prepping to work the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week circuit for the public relations company she works for and was sharing all the dirt on what was in store. Need I also mention she stated that The Green Shows that bring luxury and offer ethical fashion are one of the fastest growing segments at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week?

I must admit I sometimes envy the fast she stayed in the concrete jungle while I headed down south, but our conversation ignited vegan and Southern pride as she literally salivated from all the buzz about Nashville's culture uprising.

She was thrilled about our second annual Nashville Fashion Week and that’s coming from a snarky New Yorker.

I, however, was absolutely wowed by her run-ins with Grace Coddington, Diane Von Furstenburg and Rihanna, but she was more incredulous that her former label-whore sidekick (that would be me) had gone vegan on her!  “Don’t you miss Jimmy Choo or Balenciaga sample sales?” or “You can’t say you got rid of everything with leather materials right? What about that burgundy Chloe satchel that you treated yourself to?” I just had to laugh and say, "Hell. Yes. I. Did."

Just in time for NYFW, I led her to this informative and compelling video hosted by revered fashion designer and animal activist Stella McCartney. Please join me in exploring the huge variety of fashionable shoes, belts, purses and wallets that aren't the product of a cow's violent death.

My darling Kate, this blog’s for you! X. O.

Here are my top 5 (well, was a tie for #5) selections from the runway:

5. Rachel Zoe

Zoe does faux and texture comes alive!

5. Mara Hoffman

Mayan and meteorite patterns make our world go round.

4. Betsey Johnson

Menswear with a hint of whimsy makes for the perfect outfit to do cartwheels in.

3. Samantha Pleet

Gold halos don’t distract from the Romanticism.

2. Lauren Moffatt

You learn in school, that it’s all about the presentation.

1. Libertine

Retooling vintage threads into glamour excess is nothing short of spectacular!

What were your favorite shows and presentations?

See you all next Sustainable Sunday!









Photo by Ashley Hylbert Photography.