Shop Like You Give a Damn - Stella is a Cover Girl

Arguably one of the most interesting designers in the world, Stella McCartney is gracing the cover of The New York Times Magazine and this fellow vegan couldn’t be more inspired. You can read Cathy Horyn's gorgeously written article here.

In this excerpt, Stella discusses her stance on cruelty-free and sustainable fashion:

Perhaps the most obvious way her parents have influenced her is in her thinking about animal cruelty. She is the only high-end designer who makes exclusively nonleather handbags and shoes. Her Falabella bags, which feature a chain detail along the edge, are hugely popular — according to (Frederick) Lukoff, accessory sales have grown fourfold in the last three years. Talking about her insistence on being leather-free, McCartney told me that she doesn’t think the rules of the fashion industry change very much. “They do on the design level, how a dress is made, but when it comes to how business is done, people pretty much follow the same rules,” she said. “Obviously I believe that using crocodile or leather to make a handbag is cruel. But it’s also not modern, you’re not pushing innovation.”

McCartney lobbies on behalf of PETA, as her parents did, appearing in a recent graphic video that exposes inhumane practices in the leather-goods industry. But she doesn’t hype her ethics with hangtags. In part that’s because she wants consumers to love a bag for its design, not as something eco, and in part it’s because the system of fair-trade, sustainable, ecological products is not perfect. “You can be making organic sweaters, fair trade, in Peru and the next month, that company is no longer in business,” she said. “Or it rained for a week, and the women couldn’t get to work. So there are a million things that can shift the rules, which I think is interesting.”

Here are Shop Like You Give A Damn’s Top 3 Spring Picks from Stella McCartney. And I can assure you it was not a simple task to consolidate. I literally covet EVERYTHING.

3. The Bengal approves.

Vneck Tiger Print Tee $325

2. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Lindy McCartney: Life in Photographs $70

1. Leather and suede? Nah. I’ll flaunt these instead….

Lomax Satin High Hell Sandal 105mm $1025

Who else is salivating over Stella’s wares? Let me know what you yearn from on her site too. Let’s dish!

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Photo by Ashley Hylbert Photography.