Shop Like You Give a Damn: Manolo Blahnik Goes Green!

Do I smell progression? Why, YES I do.

2011 Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation award winning Eco-designer, Marcia Patmos, of M.Patmos, has collaborated with the one, the only, Manolo Blahnik for a capsule Spring shoe collection that is just divine.

Says Patmos, “I am always researching sustainable materials and developments. I love the idea of tilapia skin because it is a by-product of the food industry that would otherwise be discarded, but it’s actually a beautiful material perfect for small leather goods. I love bringing the idea of sustainability into the luxury market — it doesn’t have to be limited to T-shirts and grocery bags.”

Three sustainable materials are in the blueprint for this snazzy high-end collection that will set you back around $645 for flats and up to $900 for heels this Spring.

Rent or shoes? Shoes or rent?

Straps are comprised of renewable plant fiber raffia while sustainably farmed discards of tilapia (which resemble snakeskin due to their textured scales) will fool us all throughout the bulk of the shoe. Add in ethically harvested cork (did you see last’s week’s ode to cork?) for the comfy insoles and gorgeous heels.

Marcia Patmos and Manolo Blahnik are some of my new personal style heroes especially because of this quote, “It was cool working with Manolo to bring the ideas of eco-chic away from Whole Foods – no offense!” The fashion industry certainly has a transitioning stake in supporting the green movement too! Going green isn’t just granola folks….

Which of these sporty and colorful trendsetters do you covet? Do share!

See you next Sustainable Sunday.










Photo courtesy of Ashley Hylbert Photography