Object of Affection - Imogene + Willie

I am thrilled to debut a brand new series today. Cindy Wall and I started talking a few months ago about her writing for Stella Shops and it's finally happened. Cindy has a wonderful eye, a quick wit and a way with words. This makes her A-OK in my book and I am honored to have her as a contributor. She'll be sharing some of her favorite finds and this first one is ranking pretty high on my favorite list too.  

Unless you’ve been under a fashion rock of late, you know that blue jeans are anything BUT blue these days. For me, this has been a tough trend to embrace. I’m a woman who worships a monochrome palette of black, white, gray and taupe. And let’s be real: not every body is meant to be swathed in every color.  So, I’ve held out, withholding love and affection against this veritable color explosion. It’s been painful. Since there’s no single item of clothing that ranks higher in my affection than a great pair of jeans…

But when I fall, I fall hard.

And these are the brilliant hues that finally won my heart. Especially the shocking, glaring, not-at-all-subtle yellow pair (appropriately labeled “pollen”).

I first saw these online, when Imogene + Willie released their spring line. But with colors this bold, no computer screen beats a firsthand perusal (and trust me, this photo doesn’t do these colors justice). I had to see them in person.

Imogene + Willie Elizabeth in Lake and Pollen ($250)

The “pollen” shade is particularly amazing. It’s loud and edgy and sharp and garish and wonderful — and oddly “neutral.” With all the zillions of brightly colored jeans to be had, I’ve never seen anything quite like it. Add in the sure-fire knowledge that i+w will make sure the jeans you buy fit the body you have — an absolute, stone-cold must if you’re going to sally forth in hues like this.

As of this posting, only samples of these beauties are in-store at Imogene + Willie, 2601 12th Avenue South. I'm told the full stock's coming in soon, however. Check I+W online for the latest news.

My current object of affection.


About Cindy Wall

Cindy’s a communications and marketing pro, a writer, a grammar snob, and a rapacious reader. In her own words, she knows “a little about a lot” — i.e., 19th century literature, Karl Lagerfeld’s latest adventures, professional bike racing, and when to use the Oxford comma. She’s a fan of indie film and music — and bullish on local eating and shopping.