Object of Affection - A Frank & Eileen Shirt

In my book of style, there’s nothing better than a modern re-do of an iconic classic. It’s no wonder I adore a Frank & Eileen shirt — a brand that takes its name from an old-fashioned love story and builds on modern interpretations of an awesome man’s shirt. But re-designed for women. Especially women who don’t believe in ironing…

The red-haired founder of Frank & Eileen, Audrey McLoghlin, was in town recently for a trunk show at Nashville’s fashion locus, H. Audrey. Though Frank & Eileen shirts are sold at swank spots around the country like Barneys, Fred Segal and Ron Herman, I was charmed by the special collaboration with H. Audrey’s owner Holly Williams — a limited edition just for Holly’s store.

Holly Williams collaborated with Frank & Eileen on this orange pin-striped linen shirt.

Here’s what else I learned about these re-thought classics. They’re produced in one of the oldest men’s shirting mills in Italy, just outside Milan. There’s a new “capsule” every month — not a full-on collection, but new colors and looks. And that wonderful crinkly, wrinkly, un-ironed look? It’s a top secret on how a Frank & Eileen shirt gets that way, and stays that way. I pressed for the inside scoop (bad pun!), but Audrey diplomatically  declined to comment. She’s classy that way.

Audrey McLoghlin started her company a mere three years — though the label says “est. 1947.”

That’s where the love story comes in. Frank and Eileen are Audrey’s grandparents. They married in 1947 (and they’re Irish, of course). The Frank & Eileen website includes their story.

With jeans. With pearls. With a bright bandana or a Hermès scarf. The kind of modern classic that belongs in every woman’s closet.


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