Object of Affection: Clare Vivier...Hot Style for Your Cool Tech

Yes, I do love my gadgets and technology. Not the least of which is because each new tech toy needs something pretty to encase it. It was the love of my new iPad that led me to Clare Vivier. I was after form and function, protection and panache. My first purchase was this (very) vivid green envelope for said iPad. I was searching for something that guarded my precious gadget, but also brought its own game to the style lineup…

It’s always seemed a little risky to order a leather product online. I want to see it, feel it, and check the stitching. But with Clare Vivier, I gambled. And it’s paid off big. This case has worn beautifully, scratches with grace, and always gets compliments. (And it’s a bargain at $104.)

Now that I’m smitten with this line, I’ve gone back for more. My oversized neon red fold-over pouch (with a contrasting zipper…a signature Clare Vivier touch) is the perfect carryall for a wallet, camera, notebook and iPhone (along with my iPad in its snug green envelope).

The company has the sort of great story that successful small businesses usually do. Started in 2006, it was Clare’s response to her search for a stylish-but-sturdy computer bag. Given that provenance, it’s no wonder that her line is grounded in technology needs of the modern woman…while remaining eminently elegant and polished. And it’s designed and made on home ground in L.A.

What this photo and bio of Clare Vivier (from ofakind.com) makes clear: she’s a bada*s.

Recent collaborations between Theory and Wren will only amp up this brand’s profile on the “it bag” radar. I can only suggest you get onboard now!

Me? I’m aiming for a few new clutches/pouches in some eye-popping colors. And particularly for one of these hold-everything La Tropézienne totes (navy please). Now…if only Clare would make an iPhone case for me.



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