Stella Spotlight: Cleveland, Ohio Boutique - The Dredgers Union

My first local boutique shopping experiences happened in Cleveland, Ohio, so it's always fun to come home and discover a fabulous new shop. My amazing mom is always on the lookout for the coolest new stores and last weekend we discovered a true gem. The Dredgers Union would easily fit as comfortably on 12th Ave South or in Marathon Village here in Nashville as it does on the charming East 4th St. in Cleveland.

East 4th Street, Cleveland, Ohio

Dredgers Union places an emphasis on "Domestically Produced Values" and the shop is full of gorgeous apparel, accessories and home goods that are produced domestically, and in some cases, in house through the shop's own private label. I was able to take a peek at their workshop in the basement of the store.

Where the magic happens.

My new chambray shirt made at the shop! Dredgers Union Boyfriend Woven - $84.50

Dredgers Union has a cool, comfortable and casual vibe. It's the kind of place, much like Imogene + Willie, where you want to go and hang out as much as you want to shop there. The store is mainly comprised of women's and men's apparel. Aside from their private label, on the women's side, you'll find a nice mix of pieces from labels like Velvet, Alternative and Lifetime. Nearly 1/3 of the store is home and gift making Dredgers Union the perfect place for you to shop for anyone on your gift list. I realized when I got home that I didn't take many wide shots of the store, so I found a few on their Facebook page from earlier this Spring so you can get a feel for the shop.

From Dredgers Union Facebook Page.

From Dredgers Union Facebook Page. (Wishing I would've at least tried on the red maxi dress on the mannequin.)

Home and gift...

A few of my favorite places in the boutique...

This area reminded me of an All Saints store.

This sign sits behind the check out counter. Shop local!

Dredgers Union will be celebrating their one-year anniversary starting Friday through Sunday. The big celebration is Friday from 4-10pm featuring more than 60 Cleveland based vendors, music and cocktails. Many of the vendors will be set up in their super cool basement space. This is what it looked like on Sunday as a few vendors were starting to set up.

This is what it looked like by Thursday night! I saw this pic on their instagram.

Follow Dredgers Union on Instagram @dredgers216.

To all my Cleveland Stella Shoppers, Dredgers Union is a MUST this weekend. I'm so jealous I'll be missing this event. For those of us outside the 216, at least we can still shop The DU online! That red maxi dress may be mine yet.

Happy Birthday DU!!



The Dredgers Union - 2043 E 4th Street, Cleveland, OH

Visit and shop online at Follow them on twitter @dredgersunion, instagram @dredgers216 and like them on Facebook at