Shop Like You Give a Damn: Sam's Natural...Is Your Daddio

It’s Father’s Day and hopefully you are enjoying a leisurely afternoon with the inspiring man in your life. Besides being another darling of the commercialized Hallmark holidays, Father’s Day is a sweet reminder of the crucial role fathers play in the circle of life. If you slipped up and forgot to pick up a token of your appreciation and/or affection, I have a new friend named Sam who will be happy to meet the man of the hour!

Sam’s Natural proudly boast that their all natural products are made in the U.S.A. and by your fellow Americans. This newly developed company began their journey in 2011 when the company’s namesake was unable to find natural products to clean his own hands. A mechanic by trade, he began testing out ingredients and after several attempts, the Walnut Scrub ($11) was born.


Sam's Natural Walnut Scrub - $11

Stella Shops happens to love that these products are tested on humans and not our friends from the animal kingdom! Their products are Cruelty-Free, NEVER tested on animals, Vegan and made without the use of petro-chemicals, parabens, sulfates or phalates or any other artificial ingredients!

For you Nashvillians, you may pick up Sam’s Natural at roving retailer The Trunk where partners, Abigal Franklin and Kyah Hillis, can help you select from the vast inventory of Sam’s Natural that includes fun prepackaged hygiene kits too. You can follow The Trunk on Twitter to see where they will be parked next. The Trunk’s carefully curated fine goods range from crafty locally-made baubles or clever cuff-links, to stylish weekend totes, suspenders, and Moonshine cologne.

On this particularly balmy day, I was reminded I was running low on my deodorant, so I picked up Sam’s Natural version ($10) for myself. The lads can’t have all the fun, right?  I have already fallen in love with the all-natural Pumpkin Seed Oil to hydrate, Carrot Seed Oil to deodorize, and Vitamin E and Sal Butter to heal and rejuvenate. This will not clog pores!

Sam's  Natural Deodorant - $10

You can check out the complete lineup of products at

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Photo credit: J Bryan Dill