Object of Affection - Perfect Bag in Need of Vacation

I’ve got a surefire barometer that signals when I need a change of scenery and climate. I develop an overwhelming need to buy a random piece of luggage. I don’t NEED luggage, of course (gawd knows, I have enough bags), but I can’t resist the prowl.

This week, I did more than prowl. With no vacay on the immediate horizon, I found and purchased what I’m proclaiming as the World’s Greatest Get-Out-of-Dodge Bag.

The Weekender, as it’s officially dubbed, comes from a quirky, focused company called Everlane. Only online. Only a few products. No fancy logos or labels. And everything under $100. Zealous about simple design and streamlined offerings, Everlane rolls out new items every month or so. But in very limited quantities—when something’s gone, it’s gone. The New York Times T Magazine covered Everlane about a month ago. “Online retail is a mess,” the company’s CEO, Michael Preysman said. “People need choice, but at some point choice is too much. You end up spending six hours browsing and more unhappy than when you started.”

This bag is a beauty. Heavy cotton canvas. Waterproof lining. Leather straps of a just-so length. Roomy but not cavernous. Perfect for a weekend (living up to its name), or an excellent carry-on for laptop, books, and other essentials when you’ve stowed a larger bag for a longer excursion.

I succumbed to the gray one with the blue stripe (and I may go back for another one). And eventually, I’m sure a vacation will come along to go with this perfect bag.



Photo Credits: All Everlane except last photo from Peggy Wong.


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