Object of Affection: Year Round White!

Let’s slay this silly fashion rule once and for all. You know the one I’m talking about—the “No White After Labor Day” dictate. It’s antiquated, anachronistic and downright dumb. It’s a relic of the 19th century. When upper-class city dwellers headed to the hills or the beach, leaving behind the heat and exchanging their more formal city wardrobes for lighter, whiter wear. There were lots of fashion rules back in the day that we’ve long since abandoned. Corsets come to mind, as do petticoats and ankle-length skirts. It’s time to dump this one too.



White’s classy for everyone, 365 days a year. Time for white jeans, white jackets, white sweaters. And white bags too.



Always, white shirts—my fave (it’s no accident I’ve got a Pinterest board devoted to them)! And even, white shoes (at least, if they’re Chucks).










And if you need a greater authority than me, even Emily Post (that doyenne of all things proper) is onboard. Year round white, she proclaims. I second that.


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