Shop Like You Give a Damn: Gimme Gimme

Fall is in full effect and so is my hankering to fill my wardrobe with new sustainable signature accessories. All it takes is a few striking injections into your wardrobe to set the tone for the season. Here are some delightful selections that tickled my fancy this week.

This pale gold sparkles stiletto ($710) paired with classic black fabric will dress up your casual denim, but also saunter effortlessly into a chic soiree too. Stella McCartney can do no wrong broads, especially when she continues to create beautiful products without utilizing any materials from animals.

I’m charmed by United By Blue’s Bushel & Pick Necklace ($36) which pairs metallics cohesively for a beautiful everyday necklace. Each necklace is made from vintage materials and when you purchase this product, you help UBB remove one pound of trash from oceans and waterways around the world.

I have always believed that nothing pops quite like a gorgeous shade of red and this Danielle Nicole faux-ostritch crossbody bag validates my claim. The London boasts gold hardware but a teeny price tag of just $78. We don’t need no stinkin’ leather, right?

Keeping time is waaaaaay more enjoyable when you have a fun yet stylish watch to keep up with. Swatch's silicone Lady comes in an array of colors, but the classic black will work it’s way into your daily ritual. This fabulous piece is anything but normal with the thoughtful wrap design and at $50, you can score a few shades to shake things up a bit.

What recent purchases are you ecstatic about? Do. Share.










Photo credit: J Bryan Dill