Shop Like You Give a Damn: Vegan Foodie Holiday Wish List

Have you awoken yet from your Thanksgiving food coma? All I will admit to is a heaping portion of vegan broccoli casserole…well maybe some fried squash. Okay there was that adorable and tasty whipped sweet potato in orange rinds concoction, oh and greens beans…rosemary potatoes, pasta, chocolate tart, and all of that damn wine. Why am I writing this and not running a marathon right now?


Okay, I’m back.

The jingle jangling of holiday tunes reminds me that this is the perfect time of year to share vegan epicurean delights with your loved ones. Here are some of my suggestions for the foodie on your list!

Perhaps Mommy Dearest is still scratching her head over “What is there left for you to eat without the essentials of cheese, butter, and eggs?” She’ll happily accept a ride on the clue train when she unwraps Betty Goes Vegan ($15). From the adorable vintage inspired cover to the over 500 classic recipes, this one will result in a killer raw vegan pumpkin pie during Christmas break!

Does your stylist know how to throw down in the kitch? Hook her up with Top Chef (and one of my favorite Nashvillians) Arnold Myint’s Hickory Smoked Salt & Apricot Grain Mustard Flavor Pack ($23). I literally put the salt on nearly everything and even stick some in my purse.

If your Bestie is on a health kick or has been eluding to jump starting a detox program, snatch up 1-3 days of The Cleanse Kit ($36) from Juice. You’ll put some pep back in her step with this delicious yet thoughtful gift. Should I be hinting now that I’d love one of these? See paragraph one regarding Broccoli Casserole-gate on why I NEED some Juice in my life.

The renowned Babycakes in NYC is my all-time favorite bakery in the world. This sensational sweet spot specializes in vegan, gluten-free, and refined sugar-free sweet treats. Your loved one can now bake the classics ranging from donuts to Snickerdoodles with this book!

If noshing is more their forte, bypass the book and do the doting instead with some special delivery Brownies, Skinny Buns, or Macaroons. Babycakes will happily FedEx a stash!

Every broad has a chocoholic in her clique so why not treat her to a decadent vegan truffle collection from Vosges Haut-Chocolate ($25)? The 12 pieces of dark chocolate ganache are blended with agave nectar and coconut milk and will rock your tastebuds. This is one of the very rare occasions where I would advise you not to share. Enjoy each and every last morsel your damn self!

Does your hostess with the mostess preach that cheese is a treat but has only experienced the slimy faux versions thus far? Gifting Dr. Cow’s Tree Nut Cheese Box ($85) is a game changer. Five aged gluten, dairy, and soy-free nutty cheeses and one cream cheese will proudly be paired with fruit, crackers, and wine of course!

Don’t feel guilty if you order one of everything for yourself. It’s a cruelty-free Christmas y’all!

See you next Sustainable Sunday guys and dolls.











Photo Credit: Cameron Powell