Fashion Friday: Wide Leg Jeans

The 70's may be a faint memory for most of us, but we still have a love affair with wide leg jeans. Thankfully today's flared denim doesn't have the volume of its hippy counterpoint. Today's version is slim like a skinny jean, but flares out just enough from the knee to make it slightly wider than a boot cut. It's a sophisticated flare and I'm loving it. When you find the right proportion for your shape, the perfect wide leg will even make your legs look longer. I have a pair of Mother skinny flare jeans that I found at UAL in Nashville for a bargain $59. These jeans are incredibly soft and comfortable. They have the perfect fit and flare. I'll never part with my skinny jeans, but a wide leg is the perfect alternative. Shop some of my favorite wide leg jeans. Come back Monday to see how I style this season's denim staple.