Don't Sweat It: Work Out Gear Under $50

Whether you're running to grab coffee or actually running, chances are there is a lot of workout gear in your life. Now known as "athleisure," this trend has become a full-fledge wardrobe staple. I have mixed emotions about this in general. I still don't think yoga pants should be worn as regular pants, even though pairing a solid black pair with military-inspired boots, a flowy blouse and a blazer does look pretty chic.

And then there is the cost. When did it become acceptable to pay upwards of $200 for a pair of yoga pants? I can't do it, but here's the rub (literally). I have very sensitive skin and am prone to random break outs of hives. So the flip side of the expensive workout gear is that my skin doesn't break out when I wear it. (Of course!) I discovered this through recent purchases of AthletaALO and Zella  pieces that I found on sale. Their moisture wicking material is just a better quality in these pants, sports bras and tanks versus my old Target versions. So I've started scouring sales to find the best deals on the brands I like. 

You're in luck because the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is full of incredible deals on workout gear including some gems from ALO and Zella. I culled through all of it and rounded up my favorites that are all under $50. I'm obsessed with strappy sports bras and there is no way I can pass up Zella's deal on the strappy gems that are 2 for $36. Their regular price is $38 each. Hover over the collage and click on the '+' to click through to the product page and shop away!