Travel Diary: Memphis

I've lived in Nashville for 13 years and I've never been to Memphis until last week. A quick three hour drive and I was in the home of the blues and Elvis Presley. When I travel for work, the reality is I don't have a whole lot of time to explore these cities. But since I was in Memphis for a new nights I had two priorities....Ikea and the Williams-Sonoma Outlet. That's probably not what you were expecting.

I've been dying to go to an Ikea because we've been needing some things for our house and this new store did not disappoint. I seriously think I blacked out in the kitchen marketplace. I woke up in bed and bath, looked down and my cart was full. We're talking tupperware, hot plates, paring knives, glass water bottles....everything I grabbed was under $7. The same thing happened at the Williams-Sonoma Outlet, a place I've been wanting to visit since I worked at W-S a number of years ago. I walked out with a food processor and some random items like mustard and Mexican vanilla. While I may not have heard any blues, I did try some Memphis BBQ from the BBQ Shack at the local Whole Foods right next to my hotel. That probably doesn't count, but it was really tasty. I also had a delicious burger from Huey's which is a Memphis staple. They've been cooking up 1/3 lb burgers with their secret seasoning since 1970. I officially killed my diet last week when I ate Huey's savory bacon cheese fries. Mmmm....bacon....

Huey's "Prescription" included a classic 1/3b lb burger and bacon cheese fries. So much for that Grilled Chicken Salad which is what I should have ordered.

Ikea's bargains are no joke. Swedish Meatballs only $4.99. 

Sunset on Beale Street. This was as close as I could get. 

Sun Records was right down the street from my office for the week, The Commercial-Appeal.

Temperature-wise, it was a mild week, and since I drove, packing was pretty simple. I'm realizing that my color palette really is black with a side of black and a little gray thrown in for good measure. It makes mixing and matching super easy. With no rain, I was excited to finally wear my silk Equipment shirtdress, along with my Peter Nappi boots (both gifts from my hubby). I also finally got to use my Ceri Hoover tote which was a gift from my Mom and Dad. (I had an awesome Christmas!). Layering was key, so my vintage Richard Tyler jacket from The Private Label was the perfect piece of outerwear for the week. 

Shirtdress Equipment | Collar Necklace Margaret Ellis & Amanda Valentine | Shoes Peter Nappi

Ikea selfie! Jacket Vintage Richard Tyler The Private Label | Tote Ceri Hoover

Jersey dress KamaliKulture UAL (This was another $5 find!) | Necklace SOCA Clothing | Chelsea Boots ASOS

Close up of one of my favorite choker necklaces from SOCA Clothing

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I'm happy to be in Nashville this week, since next week I'm right back at it with three stops. I'll be in Bergen County, NJ for less than 24 hours and then I head back to Asbury Park. I finish up the week in Rochester, NY. Fingers are crossed for no snow!