Mizzie Modifies: DIY Fashion - Dyeing Suede Shoes

Remember these shoes? From this post?

I loved them when I purchased them but I never wore them.  I noticed it was the color and a few light water spots that kept them from my feet.  As much as I have tried, I just do not like red.  I have given the color many chances, but for some cosmic reason red and I are not and probably will not ever be buddies.  

Since the shape of the shoes is so gorgeous I decided to try my hand at some DIY fashion dyeing.  I've never dyed suede before so I googled "dyeing suede" and came up with this Fiebing's Suede Dye.  You can find it on a few different websites including ebay

The application is simple and straight forward.  Because my shoes were a lighter color I knew I would most likely not be able to get them to a dark black so I settled for a lighter almost purple black.  I ended up doing 4 layers of dye. 

When they had totally dried I used a the cap of a sueded cleaner to lift the nap that was flattened by the liquid color.  

The result is pretty nice, but I think that I will need to do another coat before I wear them out.  

Tip 1:  The dye is very runny so watch out for the edges and soles of the shoes.  I ended up dyeing the bottom of mine because I had a bit of run over.  

Tip 2: I also used this dye to give new life to my old UGG's. It's amazing what a new coat of color will do for over worn lack luster black suede. 

Happy Modifying