What's In Her Bag - Holly Williams of H. Audrey

In September we featured the fabulous H. Audrey boutique in The Hill Center. After looking at all of the amazingness in this store, we needed to know more about it's owner, singer-songwriter (and blogger!) Holly Williams. If Holly's store looked this fantastic, what could possibly be in her handbag? We had to know and Holly was nice enough to indulge us.

I have been madly in love with this black leather handbag from Gryson ever since it hit the H. Audrey floor three years ago. It has traveled the world with me, been jammed in plenty of airplane spaces, had wine spilled all over it, been stuffed to the max on buying trips in NYC for my store, been stuffed to the max with my laptop and lyrics fallng out at the studio, and I can still say it has never failed me! Bag rule #1-invest in a good handbag as it will last you for years (and years, and years) to come. We have some great ones at H. Audrey from German line, Leibeskind, for $398, a great deal cheaper than most designer handbags!!! Here are my current handbag items (as of this morning)...

#1-Blue notebook - Everything is written in here from lyrics I'm working on, to merchandise I have my eye on for the store, to grocery lists, to shopping lists, to my traveling schedule. I have all my family brithdays in it and it even has two letters from my lovely husband who swiped it from me one night and surprised me with his precious words. I don't know what I would do if I ever lost this ugly little thing!

#2-Dawes CD - I am obsessed with this band. "When My Time Comes" is absolutely brilliant songwriting!

#3-Rubber bands - I have long hair and sometimes it drives me bonkers. I'm always traveling with packs of these life-savers.

#4-Wallet - I bought this three years ago. I ponied up and bought a real leather wallet (roughly $150) and it's absolutely indestructable. I hope to keep it for at least another five years.

#5-Face spray - I love Mario Bedescu! This herbal rosewater spray reminds me of my grandmother. It is the perfect daytime pick-me-up.

#6-Bobbi Brown lip palette - She has the most flattering, natural shades. I picked this up at the fabulous Woo cosmetics.

#7-Target sunglasses - I stopped spending money on Ray-Bans, because I can't keep up with them to save my ever-loving life. These are $12.99 from Exhilaration. I buy them in doubles once a year and pray I don't lose them. They're big and black and do the job. I love them!!! They're fabulous for early morning flights when no one should see what you really look like that time of morning.

#8-Gift card - I found this today in the depths of my purse (yaaay!!!), a $25 gift card to my fave wine bar Rumours.

#9-Discount card - Wags & Whiskers, my new favorite doggy supply store, just sent me this coupon in the mail. Love this place.

#10-Breath spray - What can I say? I love garlic.

#11-Face Cream - Love this Mario Bedescu Buttermilk Moisturizer from Cosmetic Market. It's amazing for long flights, but light enough for everyday use and it smells like heaven!

#12-Hand sanitizer - I'm not a complete germaphobe, but this stuff comes in handy during taxi rides in New York and on airplanes.

#13-Therapy Systems' Better Than Cover is the most fabulous camouflage around for blemishes. Linda Roberts is a genius!

#14-Hand Cream - I'm obsessed with all things Jo Malone and someone bought me this pricey yet fabulous hand cream last year. I'm trying to squeeze out every last inch!

#15-Guitar tuner - For last minute tune-ups before shows and the studio and impromptu house gatherings, you never know when you will need one! I always travel with a capo also.

#16-I forgot to take a picture of my iPhone! Where would I be without this magical device? The camera and video camera I couldn't live without, and how did we all function before visual voicemail? I used to take 20 minutes just to go through messages alone! Now I can work really hard for hours off this one device (all my email accounts, the voice recorder for new song ideas) then turn it off for some peace and quiet. It's all about the balance!!

Thanks Holly!!  We couldn't agree more about some of these products. That Therapy Systems Better Than Cover is amazing and anything Bobbi Brown gets my vote! Make sure you check out Holly's blog, The Afternoon Off. She talks fashion, food and travel and it's a really fun read.




What's In Her Bag - Natalie Hanson

She's got four amazing kids, a rock star husband and a smile that makes you smile back.  This month's "What's in Her Bag" contributor is Natalie Hanson. The gorgeous mother of four, and wife of  Hanson member Taylor Hanson, shows us what's inside her busy rock-n-roll Mom bag.  From the school run to a night out with friends Natalie takes us on a tour of  the items she carries with her as she navigates her very lovely life. 




Purse full of items.

I am always looking for something that can function as a “motherload” carryall, yet, is chic enough that when I am out without the children, is not a dead giveaway of my day job!  This is the Mini Excursion bag by JW Hulme Co. I love its well-constructed, classic, made-for-using vibe.

I love tying scarfs on my bags! It’s an easy instant update. I inherited a beautiful scarf collection from my grandmother, so mine are also a sentimental touch. This one is a souvenir from Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas.

Kate Spade wallet, gold sunglasses and keys

The wallet I’d been using since high school recently bit the dust! While I miss the memories, this one makes looking forward a little easier as I am a big time Kate Spade fan and just about everything of theirs makes me smile.  My shades. The gold accents remind me of Elvis. TCB.





Snacks are a mommy must have for when we are out and about and in between meals.

munchkin zipper bags

My Pretty Little Things. Jo Malone perfume. They are so fun to mix and match and smell so fresh. The polish is Sparitual, Dreams Becoming Reality, my polish of the moment and, Thunder Road, my little girl’s current favorite. The lip gloss is Revlon Papaya. I tracked this color down after seeing Lucy Hale wearing it on the cover of Teen Vogue. It is my perfect summer shade!

Jo Malone Perfume and nail polish

Kindle and paper notebook

I love my Kindle! My current reads are The Help and A Love that Multiplies.  I always carry pen and paper for jotting down my lists, and it doubles as a tried and true child distraction technique.







Diaper Case


My mom-of-four status means I’ve been carrying diapers in my bag for 8 years now!  This also means I have burned out on carrying anything extra. This little pack is sturdy and carries several diapers and wipes, and it's all I really need.










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