Object of Affection - Escentric Molecules

It’s happened AGAIN. Just this past weekend, next to the parsley and cilantro at Whole Foods. A woman walked up to me and asked “What’s the perfume you’re wearing?” If you know me, you know I would not exaggerate on this score. I can accurately report that I’ve been stopped by complete strangers on no less than 20 occasions over the last year, and they’ve all inquired about the particular “odor” I’m giving off. It’s happened in the Mall at Green Hills. It’s happened in at least four local restaurants and several out-of-town ones. It’s happened in Hillsboro Village and along 12th South. It’s happened in a plane. How I “smelled” even became the vital GPS for a down vest I left at a party. No one could identify the vest’s owner until someone said, “It must be Cindy’s. It smells just like her.”

I’m not a good judge of perfume and cologne. Mostly I hate it. I’m so fearful of that cloying, trailing scent — that odor I particularly associate with women who wear too much makeup to go along with their too much perfume. It’s been the prime reason I’ve avoided wearing it for most of my life.

Until Escentric Molecules — appropriately dubbed the “non-perfume perfume.”

I completely freaked the first time someone stopped me to ask what I was wearing. “Oh gawd,” I thought. “This is it. I’ve become one of THOSE women. The ones who literally wreak of cologne.” Instead, what I heard again and again was just the opposite. Subtle. Clean. Fresh. And my personal favorite: laundry that’s been hung out in the sun to dry.

Escentric Molecules has a few different variations (none with “clever” names like Obsession or Passion or Someday). I use Molecule 02. I’ll never switch. And I guarantee that within the month, another complete stranger will ask me what I’m wearing.

WHERE TO FIND IT: Nashville’s the Perfect Pair was the first spot to carry it in town and where I regularly replenish. I’ve heard Private Edition has it too, though I remain loyal to the Perfect Pair, for having it first and keeping it in stock.. Bottom line is that you won’t find this stuff everywhere. Especially in this country (Barney’s has it, but otherwise, look to Harvey Nichols in the UK or Colette in Paris as the big purveyors).


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