Object of Affection: The Capri Sandal

The Capri sandal. My go-to summer footwear.

Made iconic (along with oversized sunglasses) by none other than Jackie O when she bought them on the fabled Italian island during her frequent holiday visits 40 years ago. Now, they’re an always-in-style classic that’s reinterpreted every year.

By far, my favorite this season is from DV by Dolce Vita, available at The Perfect Pair. Timeless and modern. Casual and dressy. Just right for both a backyard picnic and a dressy cocktail soiree. The right equation of chic and bling.

I’m especially smitten with the black ones. Though the faux snakeskin print’s pretty alluring as well. And really, at $69, having both in your warm weather line-up might be the most strategic approach.


Then all you’ll need is huge sunglasses, a scarf tied just so, the yacht, and a shipping magnate husband…and you’ll be ready for your island holiday.

p.s. Jackie’s original sandals came from Capri’s Canfora, opened in 1946 and still in business. And yes, you can order online.


Jackie O photos: Settimio Garritano



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