Lollapalooza - Before the Bands: ck one Color Music Lounge & It's So Miami Oasis

Before the band frenzy began last Friday at Lollapalooza, we started our weekend at the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago who was host to the ck one Color Music Lounge and the It's So Miami Oasis. They literally transformed two floors of the hotel into an adult playground complete with ping pong, air hockey, video games, manicures, makeovers, tattoos (real & fake), live music and lots of cocktails courtesy of DISARONNO, Belvedere Vodka and Coors Light. Having woken up at 4:45am that morning to catch my flight, I'll admit I was a little dazed and a bit overwhelmed. Thankfully, Abby White was there too and together we navigated the maze of lounges that were waiting for us.

Abby White (right) and I mixing our prints. My Sugarhill Boutique carousel horse blouse and Motel Rocks star and moon shorts are from Nashville boutique, House of Stella.

A stop at the DISARONNO station, followed by a few stops at the Belvedere Vodka station, and we were on our way.


The It's So Miami Oasis really set the tone for the weekend. Celebs relaxed in the lounge which was complete with a killer DJ and a tattoo artist in case you needed a little ink. Each room surrounding the lounge provided it's own interactive experience. Abby and I spent some time in the Rock the Vote and Guess lounge. Rock the Vote has the coolest new campaign. It is literally easier than ever to register to vote. All you need to do is scan a QR code on your phone and it walks you through the steps. It's genius and if you're not registered to vote, it doesn't get any easier than this! If you see Abby and I wearing our Rock the Vote tees or buttons, you can scan their QR code and be on your way to voting in this year's election. (Do it!) It was cool to see so many artists stop by their lounge throughout the weekend in support of this brilliant initiative.

Rock the Vote y'all.

One of the lounges included these super cool watches from Nico Lives. They totally reminded me of the old school digital watches we had as kids. You can purchase your own at the Nico Lives website. They're super affordable at $15 per watch and they look really cool layered.

Nico Lives

If permanent ink wasn't your thing, you could head to the Clearasil® PerfectaWash™ lounge where their artists were doing custom body art. Every photo they took on their Clearasil® Rock Your Skin photo set helped Clearasil raise money for, a not-for-profit that empowers teens and young adults to take action and make a difference in their communities. The best body art we saw had to be on their model! She looked amazing and was a trooper spending some time on the balcony where temps were already up into the 90's.

Clearasil® PerfectaWash™ model with Dallas star, Josh Henderson. Photo Credit: Seth Browarnik/

Kaylee Defer from Gossip Girl & Michelle Williams getting some body art in the Clearasil® PerfectaWash™ lounge. Photo Credit: Seth Browarnik/

As if all of this wasn't complete sensory overload, we were then whisked downstairs to the ck one Color Music Lounge which was complete with a beauty lounge for hair and makeup touch ups and a manicure bar. Fantastic! The new ck one color cosmetics line is pretty impressive and makeup artists Jodie Boland, Kristi Matamoros and Hung Vanngo were on hand making everyone look fabulous, including celebs like Jenny McCarthy and Dev (who both looked pretty amazing to begin with). Dev is an official ck one color cosmetics tastemaker. If you saw her set at the BMI stage on Friday you know she absolutely rocked it.

Jenny McCarthy in the ck one color cosmetics lounge. Photo Credit: Sara Jaye Weiss/Statraks.

Dev with Kelly Osbourne and Haley Reinhart. Photo Credit: Seth Browarnik/

Kelly Osbourne. Photo Credit: Sara Jaye Weiss/Statraks.

Here's a look at the ck one color cosmetics line that was set up in the lounge.

Abby went for a hair touch up and Taylor from Red 7 Salon in Chicago did an amazing job. The pink Kevin Murphy Color Bug he used in her hair definitely got her Lolla ready.

Taylor from Red 7 Salon working the pink into Abby's hair.

Between the bands, the primping and the shopping, we really had to pry ourselves away. If you can't be at Lolla, this is the next best thing, and definitely the perfect place to start what turned out to be an epic weekend.

Thanks ck one color & It's So Miami! See you next year! xoxo