Shop Like You Give a Damn: British Invasion

I have never fought with my friends over men but alas… it was bound to happen, I suppose.

Yes, Stella Shops Editor Carla and I nearly came to blows when we were claiming turf over Noel Gallagher (uni-brow with checkered past and all) when he and his band the High Flying Birds graced us with their presence at the Mother Church - The Ryman a couple weeks ago.

Let’s be honest though, she may be taller but I’d use weapons… ahem.

To prevent any violence amongst gentleladies, I’ll just scoop up my cruelty-free covet item of the week instead:


You too can score this fabulous accent (unlike Madonna’s contrived version) from my Luvocracy marketplace for $148. This vegan leather British Union Jack Moto Jacket will charm the pants off everyone… perhaps even Noel? Yea, I said it.

See you next Sustainable Sunday!

XOXO Marcia










Photo Credit: Cameron Powell

Editors Note: This score may never be settled. #Oasis4Life