Get To Know: Shearless

Ever wished you would've had your make-up done professionally before that big event? Or wanted a blowout, but couldn't get an appointment with your regular stylist? Or maybe you just had a half hour open up in your day and you'd love to tame those eyebrows. Well, now you can do all of that thanks to a handy online booking service that you can even use on your iPhone. Enter Shearless. Shearless is an online appointment service that offers customers last-minute bookings with top talent in some of Nashville's best salons including Eyecandy Salon, Fresh Salon, Fruition Salon, Salon nFuse, Shine - The Salon, TRIM Classic Barber & Legendary Beauty and Woo Skincare & Cosmetics.

Here's how it works. Participating salons post their openings within a 24-hour window and you search among 17 exclusive services to book appointments that fit your same-day or next-day needs. It couldn't be easier and some of the services are even offered at a discount when you book through the website.

We spoke with co-founder, Susanne Shepherd who also owns Shine - The Salon, to learn more about Shearless and its services.

What is the inspiration behind Shearless? Over dinner earlier this year Dr. Dave (Gilbert) and I were discussing how few digital tools are available to help salons build their businesses and maximize revenue, and how "daily deals" sites like Groupon just don't understand the specific needs of salons.  We also thought about how frustrating it is to have to wait several weeks to get a cut, color, or styling from a high end salon, especially if there's an upcoming event.

Why did you feel there was the need for this service in Nashville? At my salon I see seats that go unfilled every day due to last minute cancellations or just holes in the books of talented, but new stylists.  Nashville is a great place to launch the service because the entertainment industry creates a lot of demand for high end salon services and there are so many social events that require women and men to look their best.

Who is the Shearless customer? There are several Shearless customers.  Women who need a quick blowout, special event styling, or color service because they have an event to attend.  College students and business travelers who are new to town and don't yet know where to go.  People who may be between stylists, and men who want a high quality cut but don't want to have to schedule up to several weeks in advance.

What's the best advice you can give someone who is thinking about using Shearless? If you want a great deal go for one of the discounted services -- these are top salons and they almost never discount their services outside of Shearless.  If you want service from one of the top stylists in town, choose a higher-priced service and you'll likely end up in the chair of one of those stylists that you'd ordinarily have to wait months to see.

With these being last minute bookings, what services do you feel are the best value? To find the service you want from top salons on short notice without Shearless you'd have to call half a dozen salons to find openings and you'd have to write everything down to compare availabilities and prices.  With Shearless it's all there to discover, compare, and reserve with a couple of mouse clicks (or taps on your iPhone).

How did you choose the participating salons? I've been in this business for 18 years.  While there are many worthy salons in Nashville, we chose the best.  In the future we'll be gradually adding more.

Are there any other services we can look forward to being available soon? We have several new features we're cooking up, including a referral program for individuals and an affiliate program for local businesses in the fashion, style, and fitness areas.  Also expect us to focus on mobile in the near future.

Thanks Susanne! This is such a great concept. We can't wait to try it out for ourselves and Susanne and Dr. Dave want you to try Shearless too. You can take 10% off the price of any service. Use the code Stella10 when you book your appointment through the Shearless website.