Object of Affection - Double Time

I’ve never met a watch I didn’t like. But there’s one that rules them all. This one, with its double-wrap strap.

It’s an Hermès Cape Cod. It doesn’t come cheap, but in the arena of “famous” watches it comes in way under a Rolex or a Cartier Tank. It manages to be both classy and funky at the same time, and it goes with everything. The long wrap straps come in several colors (4 or 5, at last count), and like anything that’s made well with good leather, they just get better looking with age.



The Cape Cod first came out in 1998. And, as I learned in this 2005 New York Times write-up, it was created by Martin Margiela who’d been hired by Hermès to design a women’s watch collection. (And if you’re a fan of Maison Martin Margiela, you’ll have the same a-ha moment I did.)

I’m not the only one who loves her Cape Cod. Seems there’s often one on the wrists of subjects the Sartorialist shoots.

And even Ashton Kutcher loves the Cape Cod.

Like I said, it’s not the only watch I like. But it’s the only one I’d grab if the house were on fire.


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