Object of Affection: Local Tomato Luxury

It’s been a long hot summer (very long, very hot). Is there anyone who really cares what she looks like in this heat? If so, I don’t want to know that girl. Because she’s a woman with her priorities outta whack. It’s tomato time in Tennessee—and Tomato Fest time in Nashville. And that’s where all the truly stylish folk have their focus.

The tomato is our state fruit. Yes, fruit. Though there’s still some fruit vs. vegetable debate over this glorious globe, it’s pretty academic. At the end of the day, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. And a locally grown Tennessee tomato, just off the vine—whether fruit or vegetable—tastes just as good.

This Saturday, neighbors from both sides of the Cumberland River will gather around Five Points for East Nashville’s 9th Tomato Art Fest. The festival’s rallying cry is not a bad philosophy for life in general: “A Uniter, Not a Divider. Bringing Together Fruits and Vegetables.”

Neither is the great Guy Clark’s ode to this homegrown fruit.

So, unless someone offers you a free pair of tomato-red Louboutins…

…forget what you’re wearing and celebrate the priceless luxury of an in-season, gone-too-soon Tennessee tomato this week. Via a BLT. In a pie. The perfect Bloody Mary. The best caprese salad. A jar of jam or homemade ketchup. Or just “as is,” over the sink, country-style, with the salt shaker close at hand.



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