Nashville Weekly Boutique Sales & Events: May 1-4

It's been a long, stormy week. Are you ready for the sun? Me too. Thankfully it's going to be a gorgeous weekend which means it's going to be the perfect weekend to hit our favorite boutiques for a little retail therapy. With Steeplechase and Mother's Day around the corner, it's time to kick your spring/summer shopping into high gear. Brentwood

Stacey Rhodes Boutique - Mark your calendar for the Virgins, Saints & Angels Trunk Show.

Screen shot 2014-04-30 at 8.26.38 PM

Green Hills

The Cosmetic Market - Get a BareMinerals BareSkin color match this weekend.

Cosmetic Market bare minerals

Elaine Turner - Select styles are up to 40% off.

Elaine Turner markdowns

Gus Mayer - See the collection that walked the runway Tuesday night at the Schermerhorn at Gus Mayer on Thursday.

Gus Mayer Christian Siriano

Levy's - Join Levy's for the Eton Trunk Show this weekend.


Nordstrom - Join my friend Mary from the fabulous blog Happily Grey at Nordstrom this Saturday from 2-4pm and shop the new Kate Moss for Topshop collection.

The Perfect Pair - Don't miss the Carden Avenue trunk show on Thursday.

perfect pair carden trunk show

Woo Skincare & Cosmetics - Mark your calendars for Woo's May events.

Screen shot 2014-04-30 at 8.11.14 PM

Screen shot 2014-04-30 at 8.11.43 PMScreen shot 2014-04-30 at 8.12.01 PM


Lucy Pop Salon - Lucy Pop is hosting a facial event you do not want to miss. Eminence Organic Skincare is like "raw food diet for your face." Book an Eminence Organic Facial between now and May 10 and take home $85 in product free. Crazy right? I'm booking my appointment today.

Screen shot 2014-04-30 at 8.24.34 PM


Northern Grade - I am so excited for Northern Grade this Saturday and Sunday. This pop-up event is a great place to meet some truly talented artisans from Nashville and out-of-state.

Northern Grade

Happy Shopping!



Designer Spotlight: Caviar Noir

Caviar Noir was started in 2012 by designer Julie Ramos. I love that this line mixes materials so there's the perfect juxtaposition between hard and soft. I'm not a pearls girl, but I like the edge the handcuffs give this pearl necklace, appropriately named the "Lady Rebel Necklace." Many of Caviar Noir's pieces are designed this way which means they work perfectly with a feminine maxi dress or a pair of jeans and combat boots. No matter what your style, there is at least one piece of Caviar Noir that you're sure to love.

Caviar Noir ladyrebel_grande

Caviar Noir ladyrebel_grande

Lady Rebel Necklace ($120)

I can't wait to see this line in person at Posh in Hillsboro Village from March 13-19. Join me this Friday from 4-7pm for a Caviar Noir Trunk Show. We'll sip champagne, snack on cupcakes and try on a whole lot of jewelry. I was thrilled that Julie had some time to answer some questions for me about the line..





Julie Ramos (image from Caviar Noir)

When did you start designing jewelry? It all started when I was looking for body chain jewelry all over the internet and in stores, but they were nowhere to be found. This was before this trend started becoming mainstream. So I decided to make my own. I wore it out to parties and I would receive lots of compliments. It was jewelry no one had ever seen before, but it took well to the mass.

Dominique Shoulder Chain Caviar Noir

Dominique Shoulder Chain Caviar Noir

Dominique Shoulder Chain ($302)

How did Caviar Noir begin? It all started when I started posting my work on my Facebook page. People would comment and I would receive positive feedback. It was then that I thought to myself, "hey... I could start a jewelry line!" There was nothing else out there like it (at the time).

What does the name mean? I would describe caviar as being luxurious and sophisticated. I would describe noir as being dark and edgy. I put them both together and that describes my designs.

Who or what inspires your designs? Femininity mixed in with some masculinity is the style I convey in my designs. I am inspired by strong women who know who they are and what they want. They exude confidence and have a strong sense of style with an edge. Some women that possess that quality are Gwen Stefani and Rihanna.

Xenia necklace Caviar Noir

Xenia necklace Caviar Noir

Xenia Necklace ($226)

With your punk aesthetic, does music influence your design? If so, what bands are you listening to? Yes, music does have a big influence on my design.  I currently have No Doubt's Push and Shove album on my playlist. I love how the songs are dramatic rock with a hint of reggae beats. Its an unexpected musical twist. I think it translates into my designs because I try to incorporate pearls and other gemstones in an edgy way.

What are your favorite materials to work with? Pearls and chains!!! Pearls remind me of caviar and chains add that noir edgy side.

Ophidia necklace Caviar Noir

Ophidia necklace Caviar Noir

Ophidia Necklace ($250)

What are some of your favorite pieces from your current collection? The Valeria Earrings are one of my favorite and are one of my newest designs. They are 3-dimensional earrings that are unlike anything out in the market today.

Valeria Earrings Caviar Noir

Valeria Earrings Caviar Noir

Valeria Earrings ($168)

What current trends do you love? Are there any you wish would be retired? Although I get nostalgic with the 90's flower-printed everything, it was something I wore back when I was a kid and would never wear it now. So I guess I would have to say the flower print trend should be retired.

Fashion month just ended. Which collections did you like best? I liked Elie Saab's collection (Dark Opulence)

If Caviar Noir was a cocktail, what would it be? It would be a Black Velvet. Its a beer cocktail made from Guinness and champagne. Its classy and simple.

Thanks Julie! View more Caviar Noir here. Find your favorite pieces and then come see me on Friday at Posh in Hillsboro Village.

Weekly Guide to Nashville Boutique Sales & Events: March 1- 2

Happy Saturday! This weekend could not get here fast enough. Boutique sales are a plenty right now, so take advantage of these amazing deals and check out the new Spring arrivals. Seeing all of the bright colors and flowing fabrics while I was out yesterday made me excited for sunshine and warmer temps. Take advantage of today and get out there and shop. 8th Ave

Flip for Women - Flip's women's consignment store is now open! I haven't had a chance to check it out yet, but if it's half as good as their men's store, it's going to be amazing.

House of Stella - While you're at Flip head across the street and say hi to our friends at House of Stella. I love the new space and there's a great selection of Spring goodies.

12 South

Emerson Grace - There are sale signs in the windows at Emerson Grace which means there are some fabulous deals inside. I'll have more on this store next week with our boutique spotlight, so stay tuned.

Leona - I fell in love with no less than five new Spring arrivals at Leona, but there is still a packed sale rack of goodies for 75% off. I'll have more information for you soon about an event they're hosting with Elaine Turner.

MODA Boutique - Always a Stella Shops fave, check out MODA's sale room and check out their awesome new Spring arrivals. MODA is collecting gently used prom dresses to donate to girls who can't afford one. Drop them off at the store until March 15.

Green Hills

The Cosmetic Market - It's a big weekend at the Cosmetic Market. Today at the Green Hills store is the Stila makeup event starting at noon. Plus all sale merchandise is an additional 20% off and when you buy two ColorProof products, you get one free. I've used several different samples of the ColorProof products and I've loved them all. For my thick, color-treated curly hair, these shampoos and conditioners do a super job.

Cosmetic Market Stila Event

Cosmetic Market sale merchandise

Cosmetic Market Buy One Get One

SOCA Clothing - Saturday is the last day to take 20% off everything in the store and an additional 50% off all sale items. There is an entire wall of tops at SOCA that I would like to have in my closet. Get there today! And stay tuned because I'll be hosting an event there during Nashville Fashion Week in April.

SOCA Pre Spring Sale

Woo Skincare & Cosmetics - Save the dates for these events at Woo next week.

Woo Skincare Chantecaille event

Woo Girls Night Out

Hillsboro Village

Posh - That Posh sale room is always full of amazing deals. I'll have more information soon about an event I'll be hosting at the Hillsboro Village Posh on March 14. Save the date!

Happy Shopping!



Object of Affection - Escentric Molecules

It’s happened AGAIN. Just this past weekend, next to the parsley and cilantro at Whole Foods. A woman walked up to me and asked “What’s the perfume you’re wearing?” If you know me, you know I would not exaggerate on this score. I can accurately report that I’ve been stopped by complete strangers on no less than 20 occasions over the last year, and they’ve all inquired about the particular “odor” I’m giving off. It’s happened in the Mall at Green Hills. It’s happened in at least four local restaurants and several out-of-town ones. It’s happened in Hillsboro Village and along 12th South. It’s happened in a plane. How I “smelled” even became the vital GPS for a down vest I left at a party. No one could identify the vest’s owner until someone said, “It must be Cindy’s. It smells just like her.”

I’m not a good judge of perfume and cologne. Mostly I hate it. I’m so fearful of that cloying, trailing scent — that odor I particularly associate with women who wear too much makeup to go along with their too much perfume. It’s been the prime reason I’ve avoided wearing it for most of my life.

Until Escentric Molecules — appropriately dubbed the “non-perfume perfume.”

I completely freaked the first time someone stopped me to ask what I was wearing. “Oh gawd,” I thought. “This is it. I’ve become one of THOSE women. The ones who literally wreak of cologne.” Instead, what I heard again and again was just the opposite. Subtle. Clean. Fresh. And my personal favorite: laundry that’s been hung out in the sun to dry.

Escentric Molecules has a few different variations (none with “clever” names like Obsession or Passion or Someday). I use Molecule 02. I’ll never switch. And I guarantee that within the month, another complete stranger will ask me what I’m wearing.

WHERE TO FIND IT: Nashville’s the Perfect Pair was the first spot to carry it in town and where I regularly replenish. I’ve heard Private Edition has it too, though I remain loyal to the Perfect Pair, for having it first and keeping it in stock.. Bottom line is that you won’t find this stuff everywhere. Especially in this country (Barney’s has it, but otherwise, look to Harvey Nichols in the UK or Colette in Paris as the big purveyors).


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