Lululemon: Layer Your Luon Blogger Brunch

Carla table setting lululemon brunch by daniel c whiteLast week, I had the pleasure of joining an inspiring group of women for a lively brunch hosted by lululemon at Miriam Designs in Germantown. It was wonderful to spend a few hours with a group of women who are following their dreams and striving to achieve all they can in life. We noshed on delicious gluten-free and vegan goodies from The Free Bakery Nashville and sipped on mimosas and coffee. Pretty amazing Friday morning, right? I've been a fan of lululemon since I purchased my first pair of their yoga pants six years ago in Vancouver, Canada. I still have that pair, and they look as good today as they did the day I bought them. It was fun putting together a street style look for the brunch using some of lululemon's latest styles. I chose the Bring Back the Track Pant and the After Asana Pullover. I am now obsessed with that track pant and the black pair will make its way to my closet very soon.

While the food and drink was lovely, it was the conversation that was most delightful. We did several exercises that are part of lululemon's goal setting workshop. It was nice to take a few minutes to think about the future. It's a pretty daunting task. For me the future is usually what I'm doing in the next three hours, or what events I have in the next three months. But to sit and think about where I'll be in 10 years...I never take the time to do that. I realize now the importance of the exercise. You really can't set goals and expect to achieve them if you never take the time to figure out where it is you want to be.

It was lovely to meet everyone, become familiar with their blogs, and just have some good ol' girl time. It was also wonderful to see Daniel White there documenting the entire event. If you've been reading this blog for awhile you've seen many of Daniel's photos. When Mizzie and I first started posting Boutique Spotlights, Daniel did an incredible job with our photos. You can see some of my favorite posts here and here. All photos in this post are courtesy of Daniel. Thanks Daniel and thanks lululemon for hosting such a fun event.

lululemon brunch room by daniel c whiteThe brunch bunch

lululemon table setting by daniel c whiteThe fabulous table

Miriam designsGuess which of these Miriam Designs necklaces I want.

Busted lululemon brunch by daniel c whiteNever met a mimosa I didn't love.

more mimosas lululemon brunch by daniel c whiteDon't mind if I do...


Nisolo and Miriam WebsterOur goodie bags had leather wrap bracelets from Nisolo shoes, treats from The Free Bakery Nashville, and a necklace from Miriam Designs.

Lululemon Renae Carla Marcia by Daniel C WhiteRenae Morton from Lucy Pop Salon, me and Marcia Masulla from Yelp, Nashville Fashion Week & Stella Shops

lululemon Carla by Daniel C WhiteWhat I wore: lululemon bring back the track pant, cool racerback tank and after asana pullover. Alexander McQueen skull chiffon scarf. Winifred Grace oak moon necklace. Peter Nappi Carina booties.

lululemon carla 3 by Daniel C White

Rrwwrrr lululemon blogger brunch by daniel c whiteMy favorite photo ever. Thanks Daniel.