Shop Like You Give a Damn - How It All Started

My, my, my. How time flies. It's almost frightening how efficiently the sun, moon, and stars report to me on a daily basis. Do I sound a bit frazzled? Sure. I'm human. Yet in this very exciting (albeit rushed) season in my life, I am so thankful for everyone (furry or not) and everything in my life. In the the last year, Shop Like You Give a Damn has received much support from all of you and for that, I am humbled and ecstatic about what the future holds for us. Although, I have certainly been vocal (some may even say loud and proud - thank you very much) about how fun, stylish, resourceful, and respectful a vegan lifestyle is, I may have eluded on how and why I ended up here.

Photo by Taylor Christian JonesPhoto by Taylor Christian Jones.

My friends over at Imogene + Willie recently featured me in their Our Voice series. Words can not express what an absolute honor this is for me and how liberating it was to open up and just let go. Now you know some pivotal chapters in my life and why I will continue to be their voice.

Comment below on why you are curious to try a vegan lifestyle or why you decided to make the choice. I would love to hear your story too!

See you next Sustainable Sunday!











Photo by Ashley Hylbert Photography.