Shop Like You Give a Damn: British Invasion

I have never fought with my friends over men but alas… it was bound to happen, I suppose.

Yes, Stella Shops Editor Carla and I nearly came to blows when we were claiming turf over Noel Gallagher (uni-brow with checkered past and all) when he and his band the High Flying Birds graced us with their presence at the Mother Church - The Ryman a couple weeks ago.

Let’s be honest though, she may be taller but I’d use weapons… ahem.

To prevent any violence amongst gentleladies, I’ll just scoop up my cruelty-free covet item of the week instead:


You too can score this fabulous accent (unlike Madonna’s contrived version) from my Luvocracy marketplace for $148. This vegan leather British Union Jack Moto Jacket will charm the pants off everyone… perhaps even Noel? Yea, I said it.

See you next Sustainable Sunday!

XOXO Marcia










Photo Credit: Cameron Powell

Editors Note: This score may never be settled. #Oasis4Life



Shop Like You Give a Damn: Marcia's Luvocracy Marketplace

Stella Shops Founder and Editor-In-Chief, Carla, and I are professional shoppers. No kidding. It’s great for our wardrobe, but can be quite painful for our bank balances. Ah, vices can be so fun, right?

As this site continues to grow (thanks to all of you readers), we realize that adding interactive and easy to maneuver shopping components were the next natural step. (Notice the Shop tab in the menu above?) Love that crazy gorgeous vegan leather Karl Lagerfeld dress I posted a couple of weeks ago? (I mean, how could you not?)

Check out my Shop Like You Give A Damn vegan marketplaces on fabulous new Click here for a member invitation.

In my opinion, Luvocracy is a fun and interesting way to buy recommended pins, posts, tweets and shares. Members find the best things to buy, meet people through the products they recommend, and give and receive gifts with every purchase. Pin with a purpose people!

I currently have 21 curated collections for you to peruse on Luvocracy. Here are some that may tickle your fancy:

Shop Like You Give A Damn: Vegan Kicks

Music Makes My World Go Round:

Don’t Be So Humble About Your Abode:

It’s A Techie Thang, You Wouldn’t Understand:

No Gift Receipts Needed:


I have posted all of my hand-picked Shop Like You Give A Damn items on my Luvocracy marketplace so that you can purchase with ease.

Check frequently as I will add items daily! Be sure to “trust” my collections by checking the appropriate boxes so you receive updates. Comment below with your personal Luvocracy link and I will follow you too.

See you next Sustainable Sunday!

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Photo Credit: Cameron Powell