Object of Affection: Sequined Style

Sequins aren’t generally my style. But this week, I’m making an exception. Tonight, the much-hyped ABC series “Nashville” premieres. You know there WILL be sequins (full disclosure: I’ve already watched the pilot). Whatever you think about the show, it’s going to create new buzz for our amazing city. And it’s a good reminder that, for all our parts and pieces that have nothing to do with country music, it remains a deep and vital current in what our city has been and is still.

That makes Stephanie Johnson’s recently launched Nashville Collection especially apropos. Stephanie Johnson started her business in 2000, and over the last dozen years, nobody’s brought as much style and selection to makeup and travel bags. More recently, her line’s included even more creative solutions to carry our must-haves.

Enter her Nashville Collection. Sequins done right.

Envelope-style pouches in glittery palettes of cobalt blue, pink and purple. With a good-lookin’ ombre effect that ramps up their uniqueness. Fun to throw into your daily tote for a little bling, or use as a stand-alone for a night out. And like all of Stephanie’s bags, well-made to last.


We all know this town’s so, so much more than glitz, glitter and rhinestones. But there’s nothing wrong in embracing a cliché or two — after all, we’re about to be a hit TV series. Though everything in moderation, of course, especially when it comes to sequins.

Stephanie Johnson’s Nashville Collection is available locally at Woo Skincare + Cosmetics, 2154 Bandywood Drive. Owner Woo Caroland even did a special blog post for Stephanie Johnson on her favorite Nashville spots — you can check it out here.


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