Object of Affection - A Heartfelt Note

It’s coming…May 13 is Mother’s Day 2012. And I know what your mother wants. 100% sure. Without a doubt. Satisfaction guaranteed. Trust me.

She wants you to write her a note.

No, not an email. Definitely not an e-card. Not even a paper card with a lame verse in schmaltzy iambic pentameter that you just signed your name to with a few OXOXO’s. None of that.

She wants you to find a pen, locate a piece of paper, and write something you truly mean. She wants it in her mailbox (even if she lives just across town). You have to put a stamp on it. (Stamps? You get ‘em at this thing called the post office. One will cost you 45 cents these days.)

I love a hand-written note. And as a mother, a daughter, a sister to two mothers, and a friend to many moms, you’re going to have to trust me on this one. This is the sweetest, best gift you can give. And it’s cheap. Though it takes time. And you’ll have to find that stamp. But it will blow your mother’s mind.

I know you’ve got a pen and paper somewhere, but use this opportunity to buy something pretty to write with and something pretty to write on. Find what suits your style. Classic black ink on tasteful blue vellum? A candy-colored pen on neon stationery? Or even a card — as long as you actually write something! It doesn’t really matter. It’s about you — and your mom.

Here’s the hard part, however. You have to sit down, and you have to WRITE. Tell her a memory of a bedtime story. Tell her about the best childhood vacation. Tell her what she’s taught you. Tell her why you admire her. Tell her she’s beautiful. Tell her why you love her. You’re on your own here…

It’s what I want for Mother’s Day. It’s what your mom wants too.

p.s. I’m a year-round letter writer, and I know we’ve got fantastic local spots for pretty stationery, cards and pens. I regularly haunt the Paper Place, Social Graces and the Beveled Edge for my old-school correspondence needs and wants.



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