Shop Like You Give a Damn - Sweat with Jason

Look, I get it Nashville…it’s steamy out there. No need for more screenshots of the triple digit temps on Instagram or Facebook. It’s clearly HOT. Let’s instead focus on how to protect yourself against the sun’s abuse with natural and vegan suncare products, shall we?

Meet our sustainable friends over at JĀSÖN® who specialize in all natural and cruelty free body-loving products.

Put your face forward with the Facial Natural Sunscreen Broad Spectrum ($12) in SPF 20. Having oily skin myself, this ultra sheer, oil-free lightweight formula absorbs quickly and is ideal for everyday use especially under your make-up! Due to it being completely translucent, this formula can be worn under makeup without foundation shade-change. Buh-bye premature aging.


If you’re hiking, running, biking, or let’s be honest… just doing a Tour de Patio (power drinking is a sport, right?), the Sport Natural Suncreen in SPF45 ($10) will have your back with it’s long-lasting protection. This formula helps prevent premature aging due to prolonged sun exposure and utilizes nature’s antioxidant, Acai Extract, to protect skin against free radicals. Added bonus: It’s water resistant too!

If you’re a Nashvillian, you may stock up on JĀSÖN® suncare products at The Turnip Truck. And, now that you have some new weapons to help battle this scorcher of a season, be sure to stay hydrated too.  Remember, H20 is your BFF!

See you next Sustainable Sunday darlings.












Photo credit: J Bryan Dill