Object of Affection: The Chic "Chunk"

I like a jacked-up heel as much as the next shoe-obsessed female, but I’ve always had a certain fondness for a style I call “the chunk.” Not a platform. Not a wedge. And most definitely not a stiletto. I think of it as a polite sort of shoe. Understated. Brainy. More suited to witty banter than outright flirting. And it looks like “the chunk” is making a comeback! I spotted these styles last weekend at our hometown Kate Spade and Nordstrom, and they are most certainly not reserved!

It was Catherine Deneuve who truly made this style famous. In the 1967 movie, Belle de Jour, she plays a young, beautiful wife who spends her afternoons as a prostitute. You’ll have to see the film yourself to get the rest of the plot, but I’ll tell you all you need to know about her shoes. They were designed by the legendary Roger Vivier, the man who’s credited with creating the modern stiletto in 1954. But it was his demure Pilgrim pumps with square silver buckles that Madame Deneuve wore in her famous movie role—a style that’s been re-interpreted and imitated ever since.

In fact, don’t these Pradas look just a little familiar?



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