What's in the Bag - Abby White Plachy of Her Nashville & Prairie*Go*Round

This month we asked Abby White Plachy, Editor-in-Chief of Her Nashville & the woman behind super cool hand-knits, Prairie*Go*Round, to show us the contents of her handbag.  Mizzie and I are huge fans of Abby's hats, gloves and scarves.  My black & cream stripe arm warmers are my favorite Prairie*Go*Round purchase and I'm currently coveting the Down the Rabbit Hole Scarflette. Now, let's see what in Abby's bag....

When Carla asked me to contribute for "What's in the Bag," I panicked.  My purse is a total disaster area.  Recently, I reached for a lip gloss and found a piece of stale popcorn of unknown origin.  Gross, right? However, since I'd recently shelved my beloved giant white Calvin Klein purse in favor of this brown leather bag from Banana Republic, I'd had the opportunity to clean things out a bit, which kind of felt like scraping out the bottom of the ocean.  Items that I removed include the following:

--a toy mouse (no, I don't have a cat ... it's a long story) --dry shampoo (I actually had two kinds in there, and one made a mess, so now one is in my desk drawer, and one is in my car) --yarn --scissors (just a bad idea, in your purse) --V8 --nail polish and nail polish remover (see above, under "scissors")

How bad could it be?  I dumped my purse out (I tried to do it in an orderly fashion, but my friend Tabitha said I should just dump the whole thing out) and got started.

In the upper right corner of this photo, you'll see my massive make-up bag.  I am a make-up whore.  I don't have an official count, but I'm confident that there are at least seven or eight different eyeliners rolling around in there, and probably twice as many lip products.  You just never know when you might need your matte red lipstick, or, alternately, your sparkly, nude beige gloss.  I like to be prepared, which is why the bag is stuffed with concealers, a few perfume options, mascara, blotting papers, highlighter, moisturizer, Q-tips, pens, etc.  This bag was also cleaned out recently; I got rid of some summer stuff like blotting paper and sunscreen wipes.  Yes, I know we still need those in the winter, but give me a break.  I'd rather have seven options of pinky biege lip gloss on hand.

Just to the left, below the make-up bag, another assortment of lip glosses is scattered, including a sweet pink one from Therapy Systems, the magical Benefit Benetint lip balm (OMG the loveliest stuff ever), a NARS nude gloss, a minty Philosophy gloss, the always flattering Clinique Black Honey Almost Lipstick (this has been my BFF since eight grade), and another one that I can't identify offhand, which probably means that it needs to go bye-bye.

I also see some eyedrops in that pile, my favorite Prairie*Go*Round glovelettes, an iPod shuffle from the Mesozoic Era, and a broken hairbrush that I tote around for some reason (It's like 99 cents for one of those brushes. You'd think I could buy a new one, especially since it's next to a $20 lip gloss).  Anyway, it's near my checkbook, because I am 83 years old and still carry a checkbook around, some Redken hair wax, a bag of clear hair rubber bands and blonde bobby pins (must-haves), and a pack of green Stride, which is the best gum for long runs, in case you're wondering.  You may also notice that there are not one, but TWO brownies (one is in foil) in my purse right now, which is why I'm big on long runs.  Also, a granola bar that has been in there for an undetermined amount of time.  I'd still eat it.

I'm obsessed with scents.  I put perfume on all day, so if you hate that stuff, we're probably not going to be friends.  I spy two Lush solid perfumes—one in Lust, and one in Vanillary—and a Smoked Amber perfume from Anthropologie.  It makes you smell like you are in a fire, but in that totally sexy way.  Ooh!  And there's my custom perfume from Body Chemistri in Chicago--it's a one-of-a-kind blend of my favorite scents: Lily of the Valley, Amber, Vanilla, Smoke and Musk. I lovelovelove it. I think I see my tiny Lollia hand creme under that rubble, too.  And nearby is the one thing I will NEVER go anywhere without ... not my wallet (also pictured, and it is falling apart because I put weird things like paint samples and things I tear out of magazines in my wallet), not my phone (which looks like it needs to be disinfected from this angle ... I swear my phone is usually not that funky), but my ROSEBUD SALVE.  Obsessed.  It's like the MacGyver of product, but I favor it for—what else??—lip gloss. And eyebrow tamer. You can also use it for diaper rash, if you or someone you love has a problem with that.

There are at least two anti-bac products rolling around in my purse, including a candy corn option and another kind that won't make you smell like a five-year-old.  I also keep a lot of band-aids on hand, which is ironic, because I'm allergic to band-aids (for real. They give me a rash, except for on my feet. Weird, right?), but I always seem to find myself in situations in which someone really needs a band-aid, so I get to be the hero!!

I see a pile of business cards—some for Her Nashville, some for Prairie*Go*Round, and one fake business card that my mom and stepdad use when they are on vacation because they like to mess with people—and my keys (complete with multiple swipe cards, most of which have been chewed on by my giant pet rabbit).  I also possess an embarrassingly large pile of rewards cards for everything from Sweet CeCe's to Bliss Yarns in Brentwood.  Oh, and there's my water bill ... I should probably pay that.

Thank you for reading. I sincerely hope your purse—and your life—is more in order than mine!

Thanks Abby!  You've made me feel a lot better about the contents of my bag.  :)

Prairie*Go*Round scarves, gloves and hats make fantastic gifts and you can find them at Abby's Etsy shop and locally at Stella faves MADE, Ivey and Nashville Clothing Company.