Top 5 Fashion Trends for Fall 2011 – Graphics/ Prints

The Graphic Print Fashion trend for fall 2011 is not one for the withdrawn wallflower. The powerful prints and geometric patterns are meant to be worn with a great deal of confidence. That being said, I would encourage those of you who want to step out of your fashion comfort zone to be bold, be brave, go where your fashion choices have not gone before. images of women on the fashion runway in graphic and prints clothes

On the runway we have seen the Graphic and Print trend done by Miss Sixty, Jonathan SaundersLibertine's Johnson Hartig, Danielle Scutt, Josh Goot, and Erdem

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images of women on the street in street style graphic and print outfits I am loving these street style graphic print images.  My top tip is to stick to one item of clothing in the trend then pair it with a solid color or colors and don't be afraid to play with texture. This is a trend you can have fun with but, make sure it looks deliberate and not Derelicte.


There are so many amazing street style images of this trend so if you find some you want to share please head over to our Facebook page and upload them so we can all see them and be inspired.



Top 5 Fashion Trends for Fall 2011 - Tuxedo Dressing

In 1975 Helmut Newton's iconic photo of Yves Saint Laurent's Le Smoking Jacket was published in French Vogue.  The androgynous look was the definition of boy meets girl and the resurgence of this fall 2011 trend is just that.  A perfect relaxed mix of tailored masculinity and textural femininity.

Strongly influenced by the 70's there are few rules to today's Tuxedo trend . On the runway we are seeing it done in black and white, but Tom Ford has used a sexy mix of crimson and black giving the trend even more dimension and depth.  This is an easy trend to replicate in real life and I am sure you have many pieces in your wardrobe already to create this look. The bow tie is back in a big way, and it's an easy way to update any classic white shirt for the Fall fashion.

images of womens tuxedo's on the runway

 Jason Wu, Alexander Wang, Ralph Laurenstella mccartneydonna karannarciso rodriguez

Janelle Monae might be the poster child for the new tuxedo trend.  Her signature look is a perfect example of the modern mix of androgyny .  Kate Moss also does a fabulous job of making this trend wearable for day and extremely casual.  By mixing a tuxedo jacket with just about anything suddenly a t-shirt and skinny jeans becomes Tuxedo Trendy.

Here are 5 Tips to wearing the Tuxedo Trend.

images of women in tuxedo style outfits

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1.  Play with pants.  High-waisted, flared, and skinny anything goes here.  Tailoring is key as well as texture.  Try some satin shine, a wooly blend or throw in another trend for Fall, leather.  Just make sure whatever style you choose flatters your figure and fits immaculately. Tailored, tailored, tailored.

2. Fabrics. Don't just stick to the obvious cotton white collared blouse. Here we want to see sheer, silk and lace. Play with texture or for a super sexy look go sans shirt with just a low cut jacket.  Zexy!

3.  Add one Tuxedo piece.  Instead of trying for an entire tuxedo outfit just add one piece.  Like a cummerbund with wide leg trousers, a bow-tie with a sleeveless collared shirt, a tuxedo shirt with a skater skirt or a tuxedo jacket with anything, or nothing ; ).

4.  Head to toe continuity.  For a more formal take try a different approach like the cream jacket shirt and pants like the photo above or all crimson like Tom Ford has done.

5.  Brogues.  Leather brogues are the perfect practical shoe to add some androgyny to any of the above combinations.

Do you have some ideas for Tuxedo Dressing?  Let us know in the comment section and if you find some fabulous photos post them on our Facebook page. We will Tweet the best ones. : )

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Top 5 Fashion Trends for Fall 2011

Unfortunately summer is almost over, but fortunately that means we get to indulge in the new Fall fashions very very soon. As we all know the latest trends can be a touch overwhelming, so I have narrowed them down to the Top 5 2011 Fashion Trends for Fall. Over the next five weeks I will be breaking down the trends for you and giving you practical advice on how to wear the looks in your every day life.  Because let's face it, what we see on the runway is far from realistic for most of us.  So check back each week for the latest edition to see what's in fashion.  

Tuxedo Dressing         Graphics               Polka Dots             Color           Maxi Lengths Five shots from runway shows showing top 5 trends for fall fashion 2011



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Her Nashville: Her Favorites - August

Athletically Speaking is the theme of this month's Her Nashville.   Mizzie and I highlighted our favorite workouts and fitness studios, and basically created a love letter to lululemon athletica for our Her Favorites column.  I confess I have an addiction to their workout gear. While there are some other fitness related features, this issue is really all about feeling great inside and out.  One of our favorite columns this month features two fantastic ladies who we "got to know" a couple weeks ago.  Go to page 32 to ready more about Bailey Spaulding and Robyn Virball, owners of Jackalope Brewing Company.

Enjoy the issue and we'll be back with our Favorites again in October!


Trend - Color Blocking

I must admit I was resistant of this trend when I first saw it.  Mainly because of it's vivid contradiction to my usual gray, white and black palette.  But the other day I pulled out a pair of lavender jeans I have not worn in ages and decided to try the trend. Luckily I was able to piece together a rather fun outfit using a green grandpa cardigan I have tried to throw out multiple times but thought "someday this might come in handy" and a striped shirt from Zara.  So ladies, pull out all your "purchased on a whim" whimsical pieces.  Enjoy the sunshine, if you're in a place where there is sunshine, have some fun and dress like a rainbow.

 street style

My version of color blocking.  I kind of cheated with the shirt but this was a casual look. You could replace the shirt with a bright pink top. color blocking


Photo Credits:

Olivia Wilde 










Trend - Maxi Skirts

Trend Tip - The maxi skirt can be maxi intimidating, no? Yes! Well have no fear my fashion mavens. Be bold and try this trend using these simple tips and inspiration. The maxi skirt is like the maxi dress. It can easily take you from a walk on the beach to a posh night out. It works best with a slimming top which means either cropped or long and fitted.  Basically, make sure your waistline is at least acknowledged. It's nice, but not necessary to show some skin up top.  Heels or flats will work, just make sure the length of the skirt barely brushes the floor.  We would love love love to see how you ladies wear this trend. Please email us with pics or comment below with your ideas.

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Her Nashville: Her Favorites for June

As Mizzie and I work on our copy for our August Her Nashville Her Favorites column, we realized we Tweeted and Facebooked our June column, but never really posted about it.  For those who may not know, we write Her Favorites every other month.  April was our first issue and we recapped some of our favorite shopping spots in six Nashville neighborhoods.  June is the music issue and we tackled what we like to wear to some of our favorite music venues.  Now that I know this weekend has ended up being one of the hottest on record, I would've changed my Bonnaroo outfit around a bit.  I definitely would've lost the boots and the black top & added a giant hat and 110 SPF sunscreen. (Yes, they make it and yes, sadly I have already used it.)  August is a bit of a different spin for us, but that's all I can say for now.  You'll just have to pick up the August issue to find out.

Trend Spring/Summer 2011 - 70's Flare Jeans

One day when I was a little girl I was wearing my skinny fit, high-waisted, acid-wash Guess jeans with zippers at the ankle and my dad was showing me photos of himself from the 70's wearing high-waisted, dark-wash, bell bottom jeans and I said to him in disgust, "I will never ever wear bell bottoms."  He looked at me with a grin on his face and with father wisdom said, "I bet you will.  Fashion has a way of coming back in style, and right now it's tapered leg.  Tomorrow it will be bell bottoms."  I was young and naive and of course did not believe in his prediction. Cut to a few years later and me walking the halls of my school in vintage Levi bell bottoms. Daddy was right.  And bell bottoms have made yet another comeback.  After living in nothing but skinny jeans for the past few years, I am super excited to be wearing flares again. I was lucky enough to get a pair for free on a shoot I worked on recently. I am loving the nostalgic feeling I get with every flap of the fabric at my ankles.

Trend Tip - to keep your modern flares modern wear them either high-waisted and wide leg, or mid-rise and fitted to the knee with an exaggerated flare to the floor.   You will probably want to buy  a pair for flats and a pair for heels.  Correct length is key.

Style Inspiration - Elizabeth Taylor

This week we asked our friend Owner and Chief Publicist of OMG Publicity Beth Hood Fromm, who is a beauty and style inspiration herself,  to comment on her style inspiration Elizabeth Taylor. "Oozing Old-Hollywood and sensuality, Elizabeth Taylor created for herself a unique style, which was unabashedly feminine meets over-the-top glamour. Always dressed to the nines, you never saw her looking less than what you would expect of her. Women today could take a page out of Elizabeth's style book, allowing ourselves the freedom to once again celebrate what makes us separate and strong. Elizabeth demonstrated that it's ok to flaunt what you've got and to dress everyday like you're ready for your close up."

Beth's Elizabeth Taylor Images

Mizzie's Elizabeth Taylor Images

Beth Hood Fromm

OMG Publicity

Thanks Beth!!!

Fashion Friday - How To Wear It: Julianna Bass

This week's The Lookbook Fashion Friday designer has quickly become a Stella favorite.  Julianna Bass is a Tennessee native now based in New York.  Her designs are romantic at their core, but they all have an edge to them that we absolutely love.  Take a look at Julianna's Spring 2011 lookbook.  Those Sleeveless cuffs and necklaces look gorgeous with Julianna's designs. You can see Julianna's Fall/Winter 2011 looks come down the runway this Friday at the War Memorial during  Lexus Nashville Fashion Week.  You have your tickets already, right?

Here's how Mizzie and Sierra from The Lookbook styled the Julianna Bass Black Duchess Satin Romper.

Style Inspiration - Erin Wasson

You probably have to be a super skinny super model to get away with Erin Wassons anti-fashion fashion.  With her signature long bed head locks and over sized tanks worn braless Erin creates the "i just threw this on" look with an edgy flair. Her jewelry line Low Luv embodies her rawness perfectly in chunky sterling silver and gold plated pieces for ears, wrists and neck.  She's an inspiration for not playing by the rules. Street Style

Photo Credits:,,, golestenah,

Fashion Friday - How To Wear It: Aman Stovall

Last week The Lookbook featured another fantastic Lexus Nashville Fashion Week designer, Aman Stovall.  These dresses are gorgeous and we can not wait to see this Fall line come down the runway on Saturday, April 2.  We can't believe Nashville Fashion Week kicks off next week!  Do you have your tickets yet?  Purchase them here.

Here's how Mizzie styled this gorgeous Aman Stovall dress.  Visit The Lookbook to see the inspiration behind Sierra's look.

Fashion Friday – How to Wear It: The Arnold Dress

Sylvia Hiesel, Arnold DressThis week's The Lookbook Fashion Friday How to Wear It is the Sylvia Heisel Arnold Dress.  Sylvia's pieces are a gorgeous mix of classic and modern and her collection of beautiful silk pieces definitely puts us in the mood for Spring.  You can see Sylvia's collection come down the runway during Lexus Nashville Fashion Week on Tuesday, March 29.  Get your tickets now!

Here's how Mizzie and Sierra from The Lookbook styled it. Do you have a favorite?  Tell us what you think.

sylvia hiesel, arnold dress

Shop Like You Give A Damn - A Fashionably Vegan Blog: Times They Are a Changin'

This month our vegan fashion maven, Marcia Masulla, shares another fabulous cruelty-free company with us.  Wait until you see these shoes!  There's at least one pair in my very near future.   Marcia proves once again that being vegan doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your sense of style. Did the snowy slush lose its luster awhile back for you too?

O-V-E-R it.

Mother Nature is just another moody broad so by now, most of us fail to be shocked by school closings due to ice one week and sun-kissed walks at Shelby Bottoms the next.  On March 13, daylight savings time will help us spring forward with a bit of momentum so that we may shed the layers of heavy fabrics and all that pent up energy too!

Here is my splendid sustainable style flavor of the month that will surely have you motivated to truly make an impact with your choices.

WARNING: It is very probable you will be overwhelmed with giddy excitement! Just sayin’.

How about ordering up some Cri De Coeur with a side of SALE items?

Parsons New School of Design alumni Gina Ferraraccio and Julie Dicterow joined forces to form Cri De Coeur (French expression that translates literally to “cry from the heart”) a completely animal free company that is committed to educating people about a vegan lifestyle.  This affirmation in the brand’s mission statement couldn’t make a better point:

“There is a shift in attitude about how we define 'style', with a growing awareness in the increase of pollution, deforestation, global warming, and resource depletion that is rapidly destroying the planet. The simplest way to help reverse these devastating statistics is by adopting a vegan lifestyle.”

The sexy Lorena is comprised of faux suede and studs which offer up visual interest without the cruelty! Originally priced at $280, move fast and you can scoop them up for $140. These vampy little kicks can take you from a luxe dinner to a late night of flirting with the band…

The Spring collection for Hearts of Darkness include the Shag Fringe Slouch Boot which is available in 3 gorgeous shades: umber, eggshell, and classic black too!

These are made to look already broken-in with soft faux suede and vegan leather upper.  At a very affordable $155, even Nancy Sinatra would be proud.

Classic round toes mean your tootsies won’t be in a pinch in this high contrast version that will always get you noticed… and who doesn’t like to be noticed? There is no excuse to pass on these especially with a 50% off price tag!  Original price: $310 and priced to move at $150.

X to the O! Marcia

Fashion Friday - How to Wear It: Emil Erwin Canvas Tote

Last week's Fashion Friday from The Lookbook featured Nashville designer Emil Erwin and his expertly handcrafted canvas tote.  Emil is a true artisan whose work is reminiscent of an era when quality took precedence over quantity.  If you live in Nashville, you've most likely seen his gorgeous pieces at Imogene + Willie

Here's how Mizzie and Sierra from The Lookbook styled the Emil Erwin Waxed Canvas Tote.